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Enterprise and engagement is extending the teaching and research we do in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences into the wider community and for the benefits to be used in novel and original ways.

In working with partners such as businesses and healthcare organisations value will be created both economically for the region, nationally and for the university, but also in terms of social capital. Sharing our ideas and knowledge for commercial or public engagement purposes can be satisfying as well as financially rewarding for the university and its members. It is also now one of the criteria for internal promotion.

The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences is active in many diverse ways in taking this knowledge base to those who need it and can build on it. We work with drug and medical equipment manufacturers, social care organisations, healthcare providers (both UK and internationally), medical software developers, training bodies, policy makers and government to achieve this.

Research shows that companies that work closely with a University partner are significantly more profitable than those that don't. Some of the most successful and vibrant  universities are the on the ones that work externally!  We call this the ‘virtuous cycle' of E&E and believe it is necessary for the long-term success of our work.

It may not be big changes that make the difference but a fresh pair of eyes can often see ways to improve and refine work processes and activities. We also can help familiarise you with the latest evidence in healthcare as well as help simulate scenarios, plan new services and evaluate new medical technologies. We have a number of world class research leaders across the Faculty and many are willing to give advice and act as your consultants (see the Experts page for more details).

Naturally our links with the NHS are close and we help with training, short-courses, post-graduate education, policy and economic advice.

Some examples of our enterprise and engagement activities to date are:

  • Carrying out Health Economics and Public Health studies and evaluations for a wide range of private and public sector clients. See Health Economics Consulting.

  • Providing a Flow Cytometry testing and analysis service, aimed specifically at helping Small to Medium Businesses (SMEs) develop and validate their products

  • Carrying out a wide range of clinical trials in a number of areas including Healthy Aging and respiratory infection

  • Establishing Invigorate, a consultancy focused on helping to increase the effectiveness or profitability of businesses and organisations by improving the wellbeing, lifestyle and musculoskeletal health of their employees.

We are also able to offer access to Government sponsored programmes, such as Knowledge Transfer Partnerships.

The Enterprise and Engagement team would be pleased to discuss your interests and needs with you at any time. Please contact:

You may also like to find out more about UEA's Research and Enterprise Services.

UEA has a small dedicated Community University Engagement team who are on hand to advise staff and students about different aspects of their engagement activity including ideas, planning, evaluation and impact.  Financial and practical assistance is also available via a Small Expenses Fund and the loan of equipment such as audio recorders. 

You can find more information and case studies on the Community University Engagement website.