Internship programmes available Internship programmes available

British Centre for Literary Translation Internship Programme

We regret to say that there will be no BCLT internship in 2014-15, but we anticipate offering it again in 2015.

The BCLT is pleased to offer an internship programme for students in the MALT programme. It will provide them with more work and field experience, and allow them a chance to work with the BCLT more closely and to make contacts in the world of literary translation.

There will be two interns. The timing of the internship will not follow the semester schedule exactly because of the way the BCLT schedule is, but one intern will be in the autumn/winter period and one in the winter/spring, and both will work at the summer school. Each student would be asked to contribute 25 hours during the course of his/her service period; this is approximately two hours per week, but the timing would be flexible, depending on the BCLT's activities and the students' other commitments and work.

Some general tasks that the interns might work on include: helping to catalogue and organise the BCLT library; assisting with correspondence and contacting possible advertisers for In Other Words; or helping with a BCLT event by contacting speakers, working on promotion, and/or hosting and facilitating at the event itself. For the autumn term, the intern could also contribute to the international literature book group; man a BCLT stand at the literary festival; help with events at UEA and Free Word; assist with the Celan event at the Goethe-Institut; and contribute to planning the Sebald lecture. For the spring term, the intern could also work on the Sebald Lecture; help plan the translation events at the London Book Fair; help with hosting the Charles Wallace fellows; order books for the summer school; and plan and promote the summer school. Both interns would be involved with the summer school, working on planning; promotion and publicity; contacting authors, translators, and sponsors; putting together conference packs; helping with bursary decisions; and serving as hosts.

The student interns will receive a variety of perquisites (such as tickets to BCLT and other literary events and subscriptions to In Other Words) along with an honorarium.

For more information and/or to apply, contact B.J. Epstein at To apply, submit a paragraph about yourself and what you could offer the BCLT, along with your CV and a list of your language skills, by 1 September.

Arc Publications Internship Programme

The School of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing  is pleased to offer an internship programme for students of the MA in Literary Translation. It will provide them with experience of various aspects of translation publishing, by working with Professor Jean Boase-Beier, who is an editor of several series of translated poetry books for Arc Publications.

The internships are offered to one student with an interest in the translation of poetry. You don't need any previous experience. The intern will  be asked to contribute roughly two hours a week between October and August, but the timing is flexible.

Some general tasks that the interns might work on include: helping contact poets and translators, helping run readings and launches, finding out about available funding, etc. In return, they will receive an hour every week of mentoring, which involves being given experience of the editing process, including, where possible, commissioning, choosing which poems should go in a particular book, and the hands-on editing of translations, including those translated from a language the intern does not speak.  We would also try to arrange a day for the intern(s) to visit Arc Publications, in Todmorden. Arc would pay travel costs for this. We would also arrange for the intern(s) to attend one Board meeting of Arc Publications. Arc will provide a small honorarium of £100, and we will endeavour to obtain free tickets to events, and occasional free books, where possible.

For more information, first visit the Arc Publications website to find out more about their programme of translated poetry books. Then contact Jean Boase-Beier on To apply, submit  a paragraph about yourself and what you could offer, along with your CV, to Jean Boase-Beier, by 15 September.