Lively and supportive research environment Lively and supportive research environment

With 80 full-time postgraduate students joining us since 2008, the School has a thriving postgraduate research culture.

Our students work across all periods of English literature, as well as in the areas of creative and critical writing, life writing, and literary translation. We highlight a selection of student profiles detailing projects currently underway.

Research students play a central role in the intellectual life of the School, with a number of graduate-led conferences and semester-long interdisciplinary seminar series.

The School offers research students a robust system of supervision and mentoring in a lively and supportive research environment.

The Graduate School in the Faculty of the Humanities and Arts serves as a hub for training, workshops and intellectual exchange. Its aim is to nurture a new generation of professional scholars who demonstrate the relevance of the arts and humanities in contemporary public and academic life.


Kathryn E. Anderson | 
Research project: Modern verse drama by poet-playwrights
Other research interests: performance-based research; American and British theatre history; modernism/postmodernism; poetry; literary theory; the avant-garde

Roger Ashton-Griffiths | 
Research project: The 'apologetic aesthetic' in post-independence English fiction about South Asia
Other research interests: interdisciplinary studies in music; art and literature; science and the arts

Adela Beiu-Papanastasiou |
Research project: Absurd Romania: Revisiting Avant-Garde theory. The role of Romanian politics in the formation of the absurd
Other research interests: modernism; avant-garde theory; East-European studies; cultural politics; aesthetics and politics; postcolonialism and critical theory

Bernardo Bueno |
Research project: Creative and Critical Writing PhD: 'Legendary Days, a novel, and Intertextual uses of pop culture and nerd genres in Junot Díaz's The Brief Wondrous Life Of Oscar Wao'
Other research interests: creative writing; literary theory; short stories; fiction; intertextuality; metalanguage

Carrie Chandler
Research project: A group biography of the Crimes Club: A dining society for criminologists formed in 1903
Other research interests: life writing (biography and autobiography); Edwardian literature and history; Victorian literature and history; Gothic literature; detective mythology and the portrayal of crime in the media

Maria Alhambra Diaz |
Research project: The relation between generic redifinition/indefinition and temporal narrative experimentation in 20th-century autobiography, with particular attention to works by Vladimir Nabokov, Georges Perec and Javier Marias
Other research interests: autobiography; narrative; temporality; generic hybridity; autofiction

Antoinette Fawcett
Research project: Translating the form: A process-based approach to translating the poems of Martinus Nijhoff (1894-1953) and Gerrit Achterberg (1905-1962)
Other research interests: literary translation; translation studies; poetry; modernism

Lydia Fellgett |
Research project: The novels of Betty Miller (1910-1965)
Other research interests: late modernism; novels of the 1930s and 1940s; British women writers; architecture in literature; ideologies of space

Lina Fisher |
Research project: The Effect of Gender on Translation: Ingeborg Bachmann and her translators
Other research interests: literary translation; stylistics; gender studies

Diane Freeborn 
Research project: The fiction of Elizabeth Taylor: a literature of liminality
Other research interests: late modernism; writing of the Second World War; British women writers of the 20th century; mid-20th century literature

Nathan Hamilton |
Research project: UK poetics since the 1950s
Other research interests: writing online; literary theory; modernism; neurolinguistics

Carina Hart |
Research project: Images of human beauty in post-1980 fiction
Other research interests: aesthetic philosophy and theories of beauty; postmodernist and contemporary literature; fairy tale; gender studies

Sally Johnson |
Research project: Identity and Reason within William Blake's illuminated work
Other research interests: Romanticism literature; inter-disciplinary studies within the Romantic Period; war poetry; philosophy; creative writing

Kate C. Jones |
Research project: Innocence and experience: An introduction to the work and life of mid-twentieth century writer, A.L. Barker, focusing on her representations of the figure of the child and the relationship(s) between innocence and experience as a 'fundamental principle' of her oeuvre
Research interests: mid-century fiction; fiction after modernism; Second World War; forgotten and neglected writers; psychoanalysis; existentialism

Tim Jones |
Research project: "Slowness", "Identity" and "Ignorance" - Milan Kundera's French Variations
Other research interests: Czech fiction; gender and identity politics; reader response theory; deconstruction

Susanne Klinger |
Research project: Translating World View: Representational hybridity in anglophone Nigerian narrative fiction
Other research interests: postcolonial translation studies; translation and point of view; translation and ideology

Kelvin Knight |
Research project: Foucault's Heterotopia in Joyce, Nabokov, and Sebald
Other research interests: literary theory; fictional space; modernism

Lynn Mastellotto |
Research project: The discursive construction of self and place in contemporary travel memoirs 'Made in Italy'
Other research interests: contemporary fiction and creative nonfiction; travel writing; cultural studies; critical theory

Louise Øhrstrøm Poulsen |ØhrstrømPoulsen
Research project: Julian of Norwich - metaphor and emotion
Other research interests: creative writing; translation studies; intertextuality; medieval literature; mysticism; theology; interdisciplinary approaches to metaphor and emotion

Meryl Pugh |
Research project: The constitution and adaptation of the Romantic, lyric 'I' in 21st-century poetry, focusing on the work of Alice Oswald

Iain S. Rowley |
Research project: Creative & Critical Writing PhD: 'Midwife of the Anarchic Trace': Towards a Poetics of Becoming-with-Woman.
Other research interests: late-modernist poetry; philosophy after Levinas; post-structuralist figurations of ethico-political subjectivity; cultural representations of maternity; histories of anarchism

Sophie Sawicka-Sykes |
Research project: Recurring metaphors (tropes) of heavenly choirs in ascetic literature from the Late Antique period to the Middle Ages.
Other research interests: monastic spirituality; scriptural exegesis; saints' lives; angels; chastity and abstinence; medieval song.

Rosie Šnajdr |
Research project: Literary London, 1914
Other research interests: modernism; popular fiction; cultural history

Philippa Stewart
Research project: The lives and achievements of two brothers, Richard and Newson Garrett who, in the 19th century, built up substantial businesses in a small corner of East Suffolk. Unravelling their story reveals a tale of Victorian enterprise that is all the more surprising for the setting in which it took place. I will be reflecting this by embedding their story in the local environment, writing them into the landscape in a way that has not been done before, and throwing new light on the links between the area's history and what it looks like today.

Nonia Williams |
Research project: My thesis on the British avant garde writer, Ann Quin (1936-1973), considers her novels, short stories and letters in their literary, philosohical and historical contexts.
Other research interests: the ways in which Quin's writing is transgressive; other British avant garde writers of the 1960s and 1970s; issues of the historical context, including gender, drugs, mental illness and youth culture; Quin's relationship to modernist intertexts, the nouveau roman and American avant garde prose and poetry; the approaches of Derrida, Deleuze, Barthes, Sartre, Berger, Laing; the problem of the case study

Philip Wilson
Research project: Translation After Wittgenstein: to give a coherent picture of the relevance to literary translation of the work of the later Wittgenstein
Other research interests: translation of poetry; relocation in translation; Philipp of Seitz