Lively and supportive research environment Lively and supportive research environment

With 80 full-time postgraduate students joining us since 2008, the School has a thriving postgraduate research culture.

Our students work across all periods of English literature, as well as in the areas of creative and critical writing, life writing, and literary translation. We highlight a selection of student profiles detailing projects currently underway.

Research students play a central role in the intellectual life of the School, with a number of graduate-led conferences and semester-long interdisciplinary seminar series.

The School offers research students a robust system of supervision and mentoring in a lively and supportive research environment.

The Graduate School in the Faculty of the Humanities and Arts serves as a hub for training, workshops and intellectual exchange. Its aim is to nurture a new generation of professional scholars who demonstrate the relevance of the arts and humanities in contemporary public and academic life.


Please check back soon for the up-to-date list of current PGR Students.