Feedback from previous UEA-Guardian Masterclass students

"The UEA-Guardian course exceeded my expectations. The fact that by the end of our beginners course ten of the twelve of us had begun writing novels is testimony to the strength of the tutoring and structure of the course. We were pushed, challenged, critiqued, and encouraged. It was brilliantly creative and incredibly rewarding to see the massive development in my writing and in all the group, who each developed distinct and individual writing voices."
Philippa Found

"It is no exaggeration to say that the UEA-Guardian course has been life changing.  The art of writing readable fiction was taught with a skilful blend of sensitivity, humour and patience.  In six months our class progressed from being a group of complete beginners to a point where we were all writing short stories and many of us have started a novel.  Thanks entirely to the UEA-Guardian course, I am now at a point in my life where rather than wanting to write, I am writing."
Carole Hailey

"It was a demanding course to sustain not just for its duration, six months, but the quality of its intellectual content. It combined the right level of 'workshopping' of contributions from everyone in the group with a more structured and taught element, which was absolutely essential, I felt, for a course at this level. It was not always easy to create the right balance between being supportive yet challenging enough for new skills to be learnt. Somehow, our tutor managed to pull it off. One of the best things about the course for me was being exposed to new writers and styles of writing, which has encouraged me to find the time to read for pleasure again despite the demands of the day job, and, above all, to persevere with my own writing."
Neelim Sultan

"The course was a brilliant introduction to writing.  It was constructive, enlightening, encouraging and productive. To anyone who suspects they can write but has never had the courage to tackle it properly, I cannot recommend it highly enough."
Sara Keene

"If you have always hoped that you might be harbouring a short story or even a novel then this is the course for you. Through a combination of very inspired teaching and a carefully structured syllabus you will be writing from the very first week. I certainly was, and apart from the odd bit of writer's block (something I have always secretly longed to suffer from) I haven't stopped. The UEA-Guardian Masterclass in creative writing opened a door for me and everyone else in my group of twelve aspiring writers and I cannot recommend it highly enough.'
Alexandra Abraham