Creative Writing alumni G-I and published works Creative Writing alumni G-I and published works

Gabriel, Sarah (MA 1992)

Eating Pomegranates:A Memoir of Mothers, Daughters and Genes (2009)


Gaffney, David (PhD 2001)

Sawn-Off Tales (2006)
Aromabingo (2007)
Never Never (2008)
The Half-Life of Songs (2010)
More Sawn-Off Tales (2013)
All The Places I’ve Ever Lived (2017)
The Three Rooms In Valerie’s Head (2018, with Dan Berry)

Gagliardi, Ann (MA 2005)

Translations from Italian include:

Twice Born by Margaret Mazzantini (2012)
Morning Sea by Margaret Mazzantini (2015)

Gallagher, Bill (BA 1987)

Credits include:
A Night On The Tyne (BBC1, 1989)
Darkle (Edinburgh Festival, 1989) – Sunday Times Playwright Award winner (1989)
Casualty (BBC1, 1989-91)
Soldier, Soldier (1993)
Wokenwell (ITV, 1997)
Four Fathers (ITV, 2000)
Hero Of The Hour (ITV, 2000)
Clocking Off (2003) – BAFTA shortlist (2004)
Conviction (BBC, 2004) - Monte Carlo for Best European Drama Series winner (2005

); BAFTA Best Drama Series shortlist (2005
); RTS Best Drama Serial shortlist (2005
); Edgar Allan Poe Award for Best Teleplay shortlist (2007)
Larkrise (BBC1, 2008-11)
The Prisoner (ITV, 2009)
Love Life (ITV, 2012)
The Paradise (BBC1, 2012-13)  
Paranoid (ITV, 2016)
Jamestown (Sky1, 2017)

Garland, Charles (pseudonym of Charles Hamel-Cooke, MA 2006)

Credits include:
The Biz! (Thameside Theatre, Essex 2003)
On The Same Side (rehearsed reading, London, 2007)


Garvin, Andrew (MA 1990)

The Surranachronist Manifesto and Other Stories (2008)

Gasson, Sam (MA 2005)

Gone Cat: Die stumme Zeugin (Germany, 2016)

Gattis, Ryan (MA 2002)

Roo Kickkick and the Big Bad Blimp (2004)
Kung Fu High School (2005)
The Big Drop: Homecoming (2012)

The Big Drop: Impermanence (2013)
All Involved (2015)
Safe (2017)


Ge, Yan (MFA 2020)

White Horse (2014, trans. Nicky Harman)
The Chilli Bean Paste Clan (2018, trans. Nicky Harman) - English PEN Translates Award winner (2018)

George, Clare (MA 2000)

Cloud Chamber (2003)
The Evangelist (2005)

Gibbs, Jonathan (MA 2009; PhD 2014)

Randall (2014) - Desmond Elliott Prize longlist (2015)
The Large Door (2019)

Gilbert, Francis (MA 1991)

Titles include:
I’m a Teacher, Get Me Out of Here (2004)

Teacher on the Run (2005)

Yob Nation (2006)

The New School Rules (2007)

Parent Power (2008)
Working the System (2009)
The Last Day of Term (2012)
How To Get A Great English Degree (2013)
Who Do You Love? (2017)


Gilligan, Ruth (MA 2011)

Forget (2006)
Somewhere in Between (2008)
Can You See Me? (2009)
Nine Folds Make a Paper Swan (2016)


Gillis, Jonathan (MA 2010)

Credits include:

The Dreamer (Khan Theatre, Jerusalem, 2010)
Close To Home (Continuum Theater, Chicago, 2015)

Gleeson, Rory (MA 2014)

Rockadoon Shore (2017)

Glyniadakis, Krystalli (MA 2009)

London – Istanbul (2009)
Urban Ruins (And Diversions) (2014

Goar, Jim (PhD 2012)

Whole Milk (2006)
Seoul Bus Poems (2010)
The Louisiana Purchase (2011)
The Dustbowl (2014)

Goldman, Jordan (MA 2005)

Credits include:
Deadwood (US, 2006)
Students’ Guide to Colleges (2005)

Goldswain, Ralph (MA 1994)

The Chronicle of Jeremiah Goldswain: 1820 Settler (2014)
Roughing It: 1820 Settlers in Their Own Words (2016)

Gooding, Joanne (MA 1992)

Video Games (1989)

Gowar, Imogen Hermes (BA 2012; MA 2014)

The Mermaid and Mrs Hancock (2018) - Betty Trask Award winner (2019); MsLexia First Novel Competition shortlist (2015); Deborah Rogers Foundation Writers’ Award shortlist (2016); Women’s Prize for Fiction shortlist (2018); South Bank Sky Arts Awards Times Breakthrough Award shortlist (2018); Edinburgh International Book Festival First Book Award shortlist (2018); Sunday Times Young Writer of the Year Award shortlist; British Book Awards (Debut Novel category) shortlist (2019); Desmond Elliott Prize longlist (2018)

Gramich, Eluned (MA 2012)

Woman Who Brings the Rain: A Memoir of Hokkaido, Japan (2015) - New Welsh Writing Award winner (2015); Wales Book of the Year Creative Non-Fiction Award shortlist (2016)
Hometown Tales: Wales (with Tyler Keevil, 2018)

Translations from German include:
Goldfish Memory by Monique Schwitter (2015)

Gray, Nigel (MA 1983)

Numerous books for children include:
I'll Take You to Mrs Cole (1985) - Federation of Children's Book Groups Best Book of the Year award; Limburg Children's Book Prize winner (Holland); Smarties Prize shortlist; German Young People's Literature Prize
 Shots (1986) - Children's Book Foundation Book of the Year Award winner; The Other Award shortlist; Observer Teenage Fiction Prize shortlist; Guardian Children's Fiction Award shortlist
The One and Only Robin Hood (1987)
A Country Far Away (1988) - Children's Book Foundation Book of the Year Award winner; Christian Media Children's Book Prize winner (France); Parents Magazine Best Books of the Year Award winner (USA)
A Balloon for Grandad (1988) - Children's Book Foundation Book of the Year Award winner; Mother Goose Award runner-up
Little Pig's Tale (1990) - WA Premier's Award shortlist (Australia)
Anna's Ghost (1991) - WA Premier's Award shortlist (Australia)
Running Away from Home (1995) - APA Award shortlist (Australia)
The Frog Prince (1996) - WA Premier's Award shortlist (Australia)
Fun House (1998)
Little Bear's Grandad (2000) - Prix Chronos winner (France); Federation of Children's Book Groups Best Books of the Year
Oliver Twist Finds A Home (2002)
Pip and the Convict (2005)
Robin Hood's New Clothes (2006)
My Dog, My Cat, Mum and Me (2007)
Saving Jasper (2008)
Hercules – Champion of the World (2012)

Books for adults include:
The Silent Majority (1973)
Come Close (1978)
The Rebels and the Hostage (1978) – North West Arts Award winner
Phoenix Country (ed. 1980)
Life Sentence (1984) - Steele Rudd Award shortlist (Australia)
Happy Families (1985)
The Worst of Times (1986)
Writers Talking (1989)
Skeleton in the Cupboard (2000) - WA Premier's Award shortlist (Australia)
Strangers (2000)
His Story – A Novel Memoir – The Life and Times of Dick O'Toole (2013)
Laugh, You Buggers, Laugh: Selected Poems (1967-1979) (2016)


Greenawalt, Anne (MA 2007)

Growing Up Girl (2008)


Greenberg-Jephcott, Kelleigh (MA 2017)

Swan Song (2018) - Bridport / Peggy Chapman-Andrews Award winner (2015); McKitterick Prize winner (2019); Myriad Editions First Drafts Competition shortlist (2015); Historical Novel Society Award for a New Novel shortlist (2015); Lucy Cavendish College Fiction Prize shortlist (2016); Women’s Prize For Fiction longlist (2019)

Greene, Melanie (pseudonym of Melanie Danburg, MA 1993)

Rocket Man (2014)
Ready To Roll (2014)
Retreat To Love (2015)
Feather In Her Cap (2016)
Eye Of The Tiger (2016)
Let The Good Times Roll (2017)

Greenwood, Belona (MA 2005)

Credits include:
The Beauty of Venice - British Short Screenplay Award longlist
Shadow Madonnas (2009) – Escalator Award winner (2009); Decibel Penguin Prize for Life Writing winner (2009)
Alice’s Adventure (Tribunal 12: Europe in the Dock, Norfolk and Norwich Festival, 2012)
The Shadow of Names (European Contemporary Drama Review, UEA, 2013)
Cafe de Sonhos (St. George’s Theatre, Great Yarmouth, 2013)
Words And Women: One (ed. 2014, with Lynne Bryan) - Saboteur Award (Best Anthology) shortlist (2014)
Words And Women: Two (ed. 2015, with Lynne Bryan)
Little Eden (Chalk Circle Theatre Company, 2015)
Women in Publishing New Venture Award shortlist (2015)
Words And Women: Three (ed. 2016, with Lynne Bryan)
Gull Stones & Cuckoos: Writing From Rural Norfolk (ed. 2016, with Lynne Bryan)
Words And Women: Four (ed. 2017, with Lynne Bryan)
Words And Women: The Compendium (ed. 2017, with Lynne Bryan)

Grindle, Lucretia (MA 2014)

The Killing Of Ellis Martin (1993)
Hooves (1995)
So Little To Die For (1994)
The Nightspinners (2000)
The Faces of Angels (2006)
The Villa Triste (2010)
The Lost Daughter (2011)

Guest, Tim (MA 1999)

My Life in Orange (2004)
Second Lives (2007)

Habila, Helon (PhD 2008)

Waiting for an Angel (2002) – Commonwealth Writers Prize Best First Book
Measuring Time (2007)
Oil on the Water (2010) - Commonwealth Writers' Prize, Africa Best Book shortlist (2011)
The Granta Book of the African Short Story (editor, 2011)
The Chibok Girls: The Boko Haram Kidnappings And Islamist Militancy In Nigeria (2016)
Travellers (2019)

Hadjivassiliou, Andreas (MA 2016)

Credits include:

Many Rooms (2015) - Shore Scripts Competition shortlist (2015)
Exiles (2016) - BAFTA Rocliffe New Writing Competition finalist (2016)


Hale, Stephanie J (MA 1993)

Firebug (1999)
Millionaire Women, Millionaire You (2010)
Celebrity Authors’ Secrets (2014)
Millionaire Property Author (2015)
Millionaire Author (2016)
Extraordinary Women: Inspirational Women Reveal Their Journeys To Success (ed. 2018)


Hamel-Cooke, Charles (MA 2006)

See entry for Garland, Charles

Hamilton, Nathan (BA 2004; MA 2005)

Dear World & Everyone In It: New Poetry in the UK (editor, 2013)
The Caught Habits Of Language (co-editor, 2018)

Hanif, Mohammed (MA 2005)

A Case of Exploding Mangoes (2008) - Shakti Bhatt First Book Prize winner (2008); Commonwealth Writers' Prize Best First Book winner (2009); Corine International Book Award winner (2009); James Tait Black Prize shortlist (2009); Guardian First Book Award shortlist (2008); Man Booker Prize longlist (2008)
Our Lady of Alice Bhatti (2011) - Encore Award shortlist (2012); Wellcome Trust Book Prize (2012); DCS Prize for South Asian Literature shortlist (2012)
The Baloch Who Is Not Missing And Others Who Are (2013)
Red Birds (2018) – Rathbones Folio Prize longlist (2019)

Hannah, Lucy (MA 2002)

Nancy Wake, World War Two Secret Agent: ‘The White Mouse’ (2006)

Hardy, Edmund (MA 2004)

Desertion (2011)
Complex Crosses (2014)

Hare, Bruno (BA 1996)

The Lost Kings (2010)
The Wreck (2012)


Hargrave, Stephen (MA 1986)

London, London (1989)

Hargreaves, Shey (MA 2011)

Credits include:

The Park (INK Festival, 2015)
Sick (King’s Head Theatre, Islington, 2017)

Harper, Graeme (aka Brooke Biaz, PhD 1997)

Black Cat, Green Field (1998) - National Book Council Award for New Fiction (Australia, 1998); NSW Premier's Award (Australia, 1998)
Swallowing Film: Short Film Fiction (2000)
Colonial and Postcolonial Incarceration (2000)
Comedy, Fantasy and Colonialism (2001)
Dancing on the Moon (2004)
Signs of Life: Cinema and Medicine (with A.Moor and KC Calman, 2005)
Teaching Creative Writing (2006)
Small Maps of the World (2006)
The Unsilvered Screen: Cinema and Surrealism (with R.Stone, 2007)
Creative Writing Studies: Practice, Research, Pedagogy (with J.Kroll, 2007)
Moon Dance (2007)
On Creative Writing (2010)
Research Methods in Creative Writing (with J.Kroll, 2011)
Key Issues in Creative Writing (with D. Donnelly, 2012)
Inside Creative Writing: Interviews with Contemporary Writers (2012)
A Companion to Creative Writing (editor, 2013)
New Ideas in the Creative Arts (editor, 2013)
Making Up: Research in Creative Writing (2013)
The Future For Creative Writing (2014)
Creative Writing and Education (2015)
Changing Creative Writing In America: Strengths, Weaknesses, Possibilities (ed. 2017)


Harrell, Mark (MA 2009)

Luncheon At The Villa Seurat (2004)

Harris, Jane (MA 1992, PhD 1995)

The Observations (2006) – Waterstone’s Newcomer of the Year Best Novel shortlist; Waterstone's 25 Authors for the Future (2007); Orange Broadband Prize for Fiction Best Novel shortlist; Glen Dimplex Award shortlist (2006); Saltire Society First Book of the Year Award shortlist; British Book Awards Newcomer of the Year shortlist (2007); South Bank Show/Times Breakthrough Award sortlist (2007)
Gillespie and I (2011) - Galaxy National Book Awards Popular Fiction Book of the Year shortlist (2011); Orange Prize for Fiction longlist (2012)
Sugar Money (2017) - Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction shortlist (2018)


Harris, Oliver (MA 2004)

The Hollow Man (2011)
Deep Shelter (2014)
The House Of Fame (2016)
A Shadow Intelligence (2019)


Harrop, Nick (MA 2002)

Credits include:

The School Run (BBC Radio3)

The Devil in the Vault (Tabard Theatre)
The Consultants (BBC Radio4)
The Black Light (Hotbed Festival)
The Milk Run (BBC Radio1)

The Waiting Game (Soho Theatre)
Etiquette (BBC Radio7)

Forgotten by Heaven (Riverside Studios)

Hart, Carole (aka Sandra Newman, MA 2002)

Pleasure U (2007)
The Family Jewels (2009)
Show Me (2010)

Hawley, Alix (MA 2001)

The Old Familiar (2008)
All True Not A Lie In It (2015)

Hayes, Daniel (MA 2012)

Credits include:

Wet Dreams Dry Days (2005)
VS. (BBC Films, 2018) – British Film Awards Breakthrough Award for Debut Screenwriter longlist (2018)

Healey, Emma (MA 2011)

Elizabeth is Missing (2014) - Costa First Novel Award winner (2014); Betty Trask Prize winner (2015); Premio Salerno Libro D'Europa winner (2015, Italy) Jarrold New Writing Award shortlist (2014); Independent Booksellers Week (IBW) Awards shortlist (2015); Desmond Elliott Prize shortlist (2015); The Times Breakthrough Award shortlist (2015); Blackwell’s Book of the Year shortlist (2015); Dylan Thomas Prize longlist (2014); Baileys Women's Prize for Fiction longlist (2015); Impac Dublin Literary Award longlist (2015); Whistle In The Dark (2018)



Healy, Sue (MA 2009)

Credits include:
Waterford Council Annaghmakerrig Award (2010)
Ted and Mary O’Regan Arts Award (2010)
Molly Keane National Short Story Award (2011)
Sussex Annual Playwrights Award (2011)
HISSAC Short Story Award (2011)
Meridian Short Story Prize (2012)
Cow (BAI, 2013)
Shellakybooky (European Contemporary Drama Review, Norwich 2013)
The Hole In The Moon - Shoreline International Screenplay Award shortlist, BBC Writersroom shortlist (2013)
The Daffodil (BAI, 2014)
Strongbow’s Clock (BAI, 2014)
Cake (BAI, 2015)
Mussels (BBC Radio 4) - Opening Lines competition winner (2015)
The Angel of Trafadden (BAI, 2015)
Shellakybooky (BAI, 2015)
The Cat in the Box (BAI, 2015)
That Brazen Electric Strap of a Wan (King’s Head Theatre, Islington, 2016)
The Blue King of Trafadden (BAI, 2016)
Palimpsest (Old Vic New Voices, 2016) - Nick Darke Award shortlist (2016); BBC Writersroom finalist (2016)
Cow (Etcetera Theatre, Camden, 2017)
The Dog in the Tree House (2017) - Claremorris Short Drama Award winner (2017)
Imaginationship (Finborough Theatre, 2018)


Heiser, Bryan (MA 2011)

Selected Poems (2012)

Herdman, Ramona (MA 2001)

Come What You Wished For (2008)
Bottle (2018)

Hesketh, Sarah (MA 2007)

Napoleon's Travelling Bookshelf (2009)
The Hard Word Box (2013)
Kim Scott Walwyn Prize shortlist (2014)


Hester, Helen (BA 2005; MA 2007)

Beyond Explicit: Pornography and the Displacement of Sex (2014)
Fat Sex: New Directions in Theory and Activism (ed. with Caroline Walters, 2015)
Dea ex Machina (co-ed, 2015)
Xenofeminism (2018)
After Work: The Fight for Free Time (2018, with Nick Sprnicek)

Hickson-Lovence, Ashley (current PhD)

The 392 (2019)

Higson, Charlie (BA 1977)

King of Ants (1992)
Happy Now (1993)
Full Whack (1995)
The Fast Show Book (1996)
Getting Rid of Mr Kitchen (1996)
Silver Fin (2005)
Blood Fever (2006)
Double or Die (2007)
Hurricane Gold (2007)
By Royal Command (2008)
The Enemy (2009)
The Dead (2010)
Monstroso (2010)
The Fear (2011)
The Sacrifice (2012)
The Fallen (2013)
The Hidden (2014)
The End (2015)
The Gates Of Death (2018)


Hill, Yannick (MA 2003)

Versailles (2016)

Hirson, Denis (PhD 2004)

The House Next Door to Africa (1987)
We Walk Straight So You Better Get Out Of The Way (2005)
I Remember King Kong (The Boxer) (2005)
White Scars: On Reading and Rites of Passage (2006) - SA Sunday Times Alan Paton Non-Fiction Prize runner-up (2007)
Gardening in the Dark (2008)
The Dancing and the Death on Lemon Street (2012) - Commonwealth Book Prize shortlist (2012)


Hodgkinson, Amanda (MA 2001)

22 Britannia Road (2011) - Readers’ Choice Trophy (in association with New Angle Prize for Literature, 2013)
Spilt Milk (2014) - New Angle Prize longlist (2015)

Hogan, Edward (MA 2004)

David Higham Award winner (2003)
 Blackmoor (2008) - Desmond Elliott Prize winner (2009); Dylan Thomas Prize shortlist (2008); Sunday Times Young Writer of the Year Award shortlist (2009)
The Hunger Trace (2011) - Encore Award shortlist (2012); Portico Prize for Literature shortlist (2012)
Daylight Saving (2012) - Branford Boase Award shortlist (2013); Leeds Book Awards shortlist (2013) 
The Messengers (2013)


Holland, Jonathan (MA 1984)

The Escape Artist (1994)

Hooper, Emma (PhD 2010)

Etta and Otto and Russel and James (2015) - Edinburgh International Book Festival First Book Award longlist (2015)

Our Homesick Songs (2018)

Hopkins, Beau (MA 2012; PhD 2020)

Figment Music (2018)

Hopkins, Nick (MA 2014)

Credits include:

New Tricks (BBC1, 2008-2010)
Waterloo Road (BBC1, 2013)
The Lock In (Actors Centre short, 2014)
In The Club (BBC1, 2015)

London Unplugged (East End Film Festival, 2018)


Houghton, Paul (MA 1987)

Harry’s Last Wedding (unpublished) Betty Trask Award winner (1989)


House, Richard (PhD 2008)

Bruiser (1997) - Ferro Grumley Gay Fiction Award shortlist (1998)
Uninvited (2002)
Sutler (part 1 of The Kills, 2013)
The Massive (part 2 of The Kills, 2013)
The Kill (part 3 of The Kills, 2013)
The Hit (part 4 of The Kills, 2013)
The Kills (2013) – Man Booker Prize longlist (2013); Blue Carnation Prize shortlist (2013); South Bank Sky Arts Award shortlist (2014); Gordon Burn Prize shortlist (2014)

Howard, Annabel (MA 2010)

This is Caravaggio (2016)

Howarth, Paul (MA 2015)

Only Killers And Thieves (2018) - Barnes & Noble Discover Award winner (2019); Kirkus Prize shortlist (2018); Edinburgh International Book Festival First Book Award shortlist (2018); American Booksellers’ Association ‘Indies Choice’ Award (Debut Novel) shortlist (2019)

Howell, Brian (MA 1996)

The Dance of Geometry (2002)
The Sound of White Ants: Stories of Modern Japan (2004)
The Study of Sleep (2007)

Hubbard, Sue (MA 2006)

Everything Begins With The Skin (1994)
Depth of Field (2000)
Ghost Station (2004)
 Rothko's Red and Other Stories (2008)
Adventures in Art (2010)
The Idea of Islands (2010)
Girl in White (2012)
The Forgetting and Remembering of Air (2013)
Rainsongs (2018)

Hughes, Kathryn (MA 1986)

The Victorian Governess (1993)
George Eliot: The Last Victorian (1999) – James Tait Black Memorial Prize for Biography
The Short Life and Long Times of Mrs Beeton (2005)
Victorians Undone: Tales Of Flesh In The Age Of Decorum (2017)

Hunt, Leo (BA 2014)

Thirteen Days Of Midnight (2015) - Waterstones Children's Book Prize: Older Fiction shortlist (2016); Branford Boase Award longlist (2016)
Eight Rivers of Shadow (2016)
Seven Trees Of Stone (2017)
Phantom (2018)

Husseini, Haya (MA 1997)

Credits include:

Lights of Jericho (Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 1993) - (Ian Reed Foundation Prize for Radio Drama winner (1993); International Prix D’Italia Awards for Television and Drama (category winner, 1994)
Shadow Sketches (Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2004)
Cracking Mud Is Pinching Me (Immigrants’ Project Theatre Group, New York, 2004)
Fistful of Sand (Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2011)

Hutcheon, Janet (MA 1988)

Double Toil And Trouble (2011)
The Case Of The Disappearing Cats (2011)
Can’t Help Laughing (2013)
Within A Gilded Frame (2014)

Hyder, Amaan (MA 2006)

At Hajj (2017)

Illis, Mark (MA 1987)

A Chinese Summer (1988)
The Alchemist (1990)
The Feather Report (1992)
Tender (2009)
The Last Word (2011) - Portico Prize for Literature shortlist (2012)
The Impossibles: Book 1 (2017)

TV Credits include:
The Bill
Peak Practice
Emmerdale (2000-present)


Ingrams, Elizabeth (MA 2005)

Japan Through Writers' Eyes (2009)


Irving, Kirsten (BA 2004)

No, Robot, No! (with Jon Stone, 2010)
What To Do (2011)
Riotous (with Jon Stone, 2013) - Saboteur Award (Best Collaborative Work) winner (2014)
Never Never Never Come Back (2012)

Ishiguro, Kazuo (MA 1980)

Nobel Prize for Literature (2017)

Granta Best of Young British Novelists 1983 and 1993
A Pale View of the Hills (1982)
An Artist of the Floating World (1986) – Whitbread Prize Best Novel winner (1986); The Booker Prize shortlist (1986)
The Remains of the Day (1989) - The Booker Prize winner (1989)
The Unconsoled (1995) - Whitbread Prize Best Novel shortlist (1995)
When We Were Orphans (2000) - Whitbread Prize Best Novel shortlist (2000); The Booker Prize shortlist (2000)
Never Let Me Go (2005) – James Tait Black Memorial Prize for Fiction Best Novel shortlist (2005); Booker Prize shortlist (2005); Arthur C. Clarke Award Best Novel shortlist (2006)
Noctures: Five Stories of Music and Nightfall (2009)
Peggy V. Helmerich Distinguished Author Award (2013)
The Buried Giant (2015) - Blackwell’s Book of the Year shortlist (2015); British Book Industry Awards Novel of the Year Award shortlist (2016); The World Fantasy Awards Best Novel Award shortlist (2016); International Dublin Literary Award longlist (2017)

Ives-Moiba, Mariama (BA 2013; MA 2015)

Ives-Moiba, Mariama (BA 2013)
A Concrete Jungle Full of Wild Cars (Unicorn Theatre, 2013) - Trinity College London International Playwriting Competition, Best Play For A Teenage Audience winner (2012)