The Year Abroad - a unique opportunity The Year Abroad - a unique opportunity

The Year Abroad is a fantastic opportunity for you to live, work and study in one or more different countries, while having the full support of your degree course staff and the University. Students who have experienced the Year Abroad typically return saying it was the best year of their life so far. It not only helps in their personal and professional development, but is invaluable for gaining transferable useful skills, become more self-confident and for making friends of different nationalities and learning to live in another culture. The Year Abroad is also invaluable when entering employment market. The increased maturity and the intercultural awareness developed on the Year Abroad are key factors in producing confident and flexible graduates who are thus especially attractive to employers Government figures also consistently show that language graduates are among the most employable and most highly paid of all graduates, with lower unemployment rates than even business studies and IT graduates because of the mix of skills -- especially communication skills and adaptability -- which a language degree with a year abroad develops. Your entry level, the degree programme and honours language(s) you are studying will determine how your year abroad is spent.

Semester Abroad

If you are a highly proficient native or near-native speaker of French or Spanish taking the fast track three year degree course, then you are normally exempted from the compulsory Year Abroad but might have the option of a semester abroad for that language in the second (Spring) semester at a partner university.

Fees for the Year and Semester Abroad

  • Fees to UEA for students on a full Year Abroad are currently reduced to 15% of the full tuition fee. Different conditions apply to the semester abroad – please contact us for further information.
  • No tuition fees are payable to partner universities.
  • Students on the Erasmus scheme normally receive a small grant from the EU which funds the scheme, and students teaching or working also receive the Erasmus grant in addition to their salary

Study Abroad Office

The Study Abroad Office is an essential part of the administration required for the Year or Semester Abroad and the staff are there to provide information and advice and oversee applications. We continue to provide these and other services while students are abroad.

For further information or queries, please contact the Study Abroad Team on +44 (0)1603 591871, or by emailing

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