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New Wine In Old Bottles: The Renewable Energy Sector, Climate Justice and Pillar III of the United Nations Guiding Principles

Law, Policy, and the Promotion of Investment in the Renewable Energy Sector in Africa | Part 10

 by Dr. Youseph Farah, Associate Professor, UEA Law School & Mr Valentine Junuji PhD...

Decarbonisation Pathways For Nigeria: Promoting Sustainable Renewable Energy-Related Foreign Direct Investment and The Role of Alternative Dispute Re

Law, Policy, and the Promotion of Investment in the Renewable Energy Sector in Africa | Part 9   

by Dr. Wale Olawoyin, Associate Professor of Law, University of Lagos, Akoka Lagos  

Fostering Effective Public Participation When Navigating Infrastructure Projects 

Law, Policy, and the Promotion of Investment in the Renewable Energy Sector in Africa | Part 8   

by Dr. Tola Amodu, Lecturer in Law, UEA Law School 

The emergence of town...

Redefining The Role For International Environmental Law In Addressing Climate Change

Law, Policy, and the Promotion of Investment in the Renewable Energy Sector in Africa | Part 7 

by Dr. Pedi Obani, Research Fellow Environmental Policy, United Nations University...

Diffusing Potential Conflicts on the Road to Decarbonisation in Nigeria: Trade Unions as Forces for Continuity

Law, Policy, and the Promotion of Investment in the Renewable Energy Sector in Africa | Part 6

by Mr. Omole Iyayi, Lecturer, Department of Business Administration, University of Benin...

Diversification of the Nigerian Economy as a De-Carbonisation Pathway: Opportunities and Challenges 

Law, Policy, and the Promotion of Investment in the Renewable Energy Sector in Africa | Part 5 

by Dr. Ohio Omiunu, Senior Lecturer in Law, De Montfort Law School


The Role of Arbitration in Renewable Energy in Nigeria

Law, Policy, and the Promotion of Investment in the Renewable Energy Sector in Africa | Part 4 

by Dr. Hakeem Seriki, Associate Professor UEA Law School and Ms Nimisore Akano, PhD...

Promoting Sustainable Renewable Energy-Related Foreign Direct Investment in Nigeria: Identifying The Gaps in Nigeria's Domestic Law and Institutions

Law, Policy, and the Promotion of Investment in the Renewable Energy Sector in Africa | Part 3 

by Dr. Erimma Gloria Orie, Faculty of Law, National Open University of Nigeria, Lagos

International Environmental Governance: A Case for Sub-Regional Judiciaries in Africa 

Law, Policy, and the Promotion of Investment in the Renewable Energy Sector in Africa | Part 2

by Dr. Eghosa Osa Ekhator, Senior Lecturer in Law, University of Derby


Law, Policy, and the Promotion of Investment in the Renewable-Energy Sector

Law, Policy, and the Promotion of Investment in the Renewable Energy Sector in Africa | Part 1

by Dr. Avidan Kent, Associate Professor, UEA Law School & Dr. Pedi Obani, Research...

In Harm’s Way, Refugee Law and International Protection

by Cornelis (Kees) Wouters (UNHCR) and Sanjula Weerasinghe (Independent Consultant)

Cross-border movements linked to disasters and adverse effects of climate change are the subject of...

Between Immunity and Extradition

by Prof. Tarcisio Gazzini, UEA Law School

On 27 August 2019 a young motorcyclist from Northamptonshire found his death in a tragic crash with a car driven by Mrs Sacoolas, the wife of a...

The Role of International Investment Law in Promoting Investment in The Renewable Energy Sector

Investment Law and Natural Resources: Online Mini-Symposium | Part 7 

by Dr. Avidan Kent, UEA Law School 

This symposium deals with investment in natural resources. The...

Foreign Investment Governance: Shifting the Focus From Certainty to Distribution

Investment Law and Natural Resources: Online Mini-Symposium | Part 5

by Dr. Nicolás M. Perrone, Durham Law School

The 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) relies on a...

Civil Litigation in Home States - A Willingness to Discipline Corporate Groups?

Investment Law and Natural Resources: Online Mini-Symposium | Part 4

by Prof. Uta Kohl, Southampton Law School

Recent awards by international investment tribunals (e.g....

Reconsidering the Foundations of Natural Resource Contracts: From Concepts to Practice

Investment Law and Natural Resources: Online Mini-Symposium | Part 2

by Dr. Lorenzo Cotula, International Institute for Environment and Development

A wave of commercial...

Balancing The System, From Within and Outside

Investment Law and Natural Resources: Online Mini-Symposium | Part 1

by Dr. Avidan Kent, UEA Law School

In the next few weeks, this blog will host a mini-symposium on Foreign...

How Contractual Terms Determine Fiduciary Duties: A Two-Stage Process

by Dr David Gibbs-Kneller, UEA Law School and Dr. Derek Whayman, Newcastle Law School

An article recently published by Dr David Gibbs-Kneller and Dr Derek Whayman in the Northern Ireland...

Addressing the Linkages Between climate Change and Human Mobility: An Analysis From Latin American National Climate Policies

by Dr. Diogo Amdreola Serraglio, South American Network for Envrionmental Migrations (RESAMA) 

Latin America is one of the places most exposed to climate change worldwide due to...

Volcafe Ltd v Compania Sud Americana De Vapores SA [2018] UKSC 61

by Dr. David Gibbs-Kneller, Lecturer in Commericial Law, University of East Anglia & Dr. Keren Wu, Lecturer in International Commercial Law and Maritime Law, University of East Anglia

CFP: Rectifying the Protection Gap for ‘Climate Refugees’: Where next?

In Winter 2018 two major developments in addressing the problem of people forced to leave their homes due to the impacts of climate change reached their conclusion. Following on from the 2016 UN...

Why a Frontstop Cannot Replace The Backstop. A Modest Reply to Professor JHH Weiler.

by Dr. Nikos Skoutaris, Senior Lecturer in European Union Law, University of East Anglia

Last week, professor JHH Weiler published a blog with which he proposes ‘A Frontstop Approach to...

Brexit Briefing: The Impact of Brexit on Trade Remedies (anti-dumping, anti-subsidy, safeguard) in the UK

Brexit Mini-Symposium | Part Nine

by Yves Melin and Danyal Arnold, Steptoe and Johnson LLP 

The EU has a trade defence regime and a large number of trade remedies...

Brexit Impact on The UK Insurers: Solutions and their Potential Gaps Towards the Continuity of Existing Contracts

Brexit Mini-Symposium | Part Eight

by Keren Wu, Lecturer in Law, University of East Anglia

The UK boasts the largest insurance market in Europe and the fourth largest in the...

Brexit or Not: A Collective EU-UK Response to The Control of Conflict Minerals Should Be Preferred

Brexit Mini-Symposium | Part Seven

by Youseph Farah, Senior Lecturer in Law, University of East Anglia

The trade in conflict minerals has adversely affected the human rights...

Brexit Frustration: Settling Contractual Disputes

Brexit Mini-Symposium | Part Six

by David Gibbs  Lecturer in Law, University of East Anglia

In the build up to the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, Brexit and...

Trade between Canada and the UK after Brexit: Where are We?

Brexit Mini-Symposium | Part Five

by Armand de Mestral C.M., CIGI Senior Fellow and Professor Emeritus and Jean Monnet Chair in the Law of Economic Integration at McGill University

Post-Brexit trade in services: Understanding the implications

Brexit Mini-Symposium | Part Four

By Dr Avidan Kent, Senior Lecturer at the University of East Anglia

Just like almost any aspect of the economy, the UK industry’s ability to...

Competition Law and State Aid in the ‘Brexit White Paper’: sensible alignment or unworkable proposals?

Brexit Mini-Symposium | Part Three

by Andreas Stephan, Professor of Competition Law and Head of UEA Law School

In a previous blog post, I wrote of the UK Prime Minister’s...

Challenges in the regulatory realignment of post-Brexit procurement trade

Brexit Mini-Symposium | Part Two

By Dr Albert Sanchez-Graells, Reader in Economic Law (University of Bristol Law School).

At this stage, making the point that Brexit creates...

The Great(?), Late Summer of Brexit: An Online Mini-Symposium

Brexit Mini-Symposium | Part One

By Avidan Kent, Senior Lecturer at the University of East Anglia

Brexit is looming, the deadline is getting closer and no one knows how things...

Understanding Environmental Struggles in Sudan

By Nada Ali, Lecturer in Law at the University of East Anglia 

I was approached in 2015 to participate in Phase II of a research project seeking to explore the role played by...

Brexit: Challenges and Opportunities

By Seamus Nevin

Britain will leave the European Union next year – and will need to decide on a new approach to our international relations.

While the central fact of...

Multilingualism and teleological interpretation of EU law

By Alessandra Pietrobon

Multilingualism is probably one of the most challenging testing grounds for the EU potential to adhere to its motto “united in diversity”. Dealing simultaneously...

Litigating Climate Change

By Avidan Kent 

Litigation of climate change-related policies/issues has received increasing attention in recent years from both the media and the academic community. Notable examples of...

A Bull in a China Shop: Brexit as a Challenge to the Good Friday Agreement

By Nikos Skoutaris

20 years ago, the Good Friday/Belfast Agreement (GFA) put an end to the sectarian violence that had plagued Northern Ireland for decades. The GFA highlighted that...

Could the PM’s concessions on Competition Policy signal a softening of Brexit?

by Andreas Stephan

On Friday 2 March 2018, in a much-anticipated speech meant to give clarity to the UK Government’s Brexit objectives, the Prime Minister suggested that: (a) UK State...

A Legitimate but Risky Path: The New Tanzanian legislation on natural resource

By Tarcisio Gazzini

In the last few years, international investment law and investment treaties in particular, have attracted – often for good reasons – sharp criticism and...

Hamilton (the Musical) and International Law

By Sondre Torp Helmersen

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical Hamilton has been an enormous success on Broadway since it opened in 2015. Much ink has been spilt over various aspects of the...

NAFTA’s Chapter 11 at a Crossroads

By Enrique Boone Barrera

The future of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is in doubt after the latest negotiations seem to have gone badly. Much of the problem stems from...

Call For Papers - Utrecht Journal Of International And European Law

UJIEL is accepting submissions for its General Issue on International and European law to be published in August 2018.

At the brink of death? The slow and painful dismemberment of the WTO’s Appellate Body

By Zuzanna Godzimirska

Often referred to as the “jewel in the crown” of the World Trade Organization (WTO), the Dispute Settlement Mechanism might be facing a slow and painful death....

#MeToo: The world of million dollar cheques

by Reilly Anne Dempsey Willis

I am not sure why the British Broadcasting Corporation is so utterly and completely incapable of properly addressing women’s rights issues, but the...

Homage to Catalonia

By Nikos Skoutaris

On 6 October 1934 Lluís Companys proclaimed the Catalan State (Estat Català) within a ‘Spanish Federal Republic’. 83 years later, Catalonia –unbelievable as it...

State-led, Regional, Consultative Processes: Opportunities to develop legal frameworks on disaster displacement

Climate Refugees Mini-Symposium | Final Part

by the Platform on Disaster Displacement

This blogpost argues that state-led consultative processes at the (sub-) regional level...

Drawing Upon International Refugee Law: The Precautionary Approach to Protecting Climate Change Displaced Persons

Climate Refugees Mini-Symposium | Part Eight

by Jenny Poon

Climate change is not a recent phenomenon. Yet, it affects millions of those displaced as a result of its impact,...

A Proposal for Introducing “UN Guiding Principles on Cross-Border Displacement Due to Environmental Disasters”

Climate Refugees Mini-Symposium | Part Seven

by Camilla Schloss

Cross-border displacement due to environmental disasters is at the heart of today’s international migration...

Public International Law’s Applicability to Migration as Adaptation: Fit for Purpose?

Climate Refugees Mini-Symposium | Part Six

by Thekli Anastasiou

The relationship between human movement and environmental conditions is undoubtedly complex. It is now...

Climate Migration beyond the Limits of International Law. A Glass Half Full?

Climate Refugees Mini-Symposium | Part Five

by Beatriz Felipe Pérez

Last week I presented a paper in the congress entitled “The Challenges of International and European Law...

Legal Regimes

Climate Refugees Mini-Symposium | Part Four

By Jolanda van der Vliet

Climate refugees do not fit any legal regime. It is even hard to establish what the ‘problem’ is that...

Why is there no international protection for climate induced migrants?

Climate Refugees Mini-Symposium | Part Three

By Elin Jakobsson

The notion of “environmental refugees” (and similar denominations) was recognized decades ago and the gap in...

What’s in a Name? Climate Change and ‘Refugees’

Climate Refugees Mini-Symposium | Part Two

By Simon Behrman

What difference does it make between being labelled a ‘refugee’ or not? For people seeking asylum, the answer is...

Climate Refugees in the Eyes of International Law

Climate Refugees Mini-Symposium | Part One

by Avidan Kent

Despite what some of our world’s leaders seem to believe, climate change is happening. Rising see levels,...

Brexit: No ‘clean break’ for data protection law

By Karen Mc Cullagh

The House of Lords EU Home Affairs Sub-Committee published its report: Brexit: the EU data protection package on 18th July 2017, having heard evidence from the Rt...

International Courts, Juridical Method and Empirical Analysis of Evolving Legal Norms: a Gap in the Literature?

By Michael Hamilton

Recently, UEA Law School hosted a workshop on ‘The Future of International Courts’. One important question raised by participants concerned an aspect of juridical...

Post-Brexit trade deals and climate change: a golden opportunity to do things differently

By Avidan Kent

Brexit happened, whether we like it or not. The big question that looms over us all, and which remains unanswered even a full year after the referendum, is what next?

The Future of International Courts - One Day Workshop

UEA Law School is delighted to host a one-day SLS-funded workshop on The Future of International Courts.

Corruption in public procurement: Siemens Greek Bribery Scandal

By Penelope Alex Giosa

According to Transparency International corruption is “the abuse of entrusted power for private gain” which can be “classified as grand, petty and political,...

Of hearth and home and human rights

by Reilly Anne Dempsey Willis

As I was driving to work the other morning, listening to BBC Radio 4, I heard an advertisement for a programme “Women in Power.” As an international human...

Brexit: How will the GDPR rules apply to the UK? - Part 2

by Olivia Tambou

The purpose of this post is to set out legal arguments in order to demonstrate why and how the rules of the General Data Protection Regulation (herein after GDPR) rules...

Brexit: Implications for data protection in the UK

By Karen Mc Cullagh

This post considers the data protection implications of Brexit for the UK’s economy as many businesses and organisations generate and rely upon huge volumes of...

Brexit or not Brexit: how will the GDPR rules apply to the UK? - Part One

by Olivia Tambou

The purpose of this post is to set out legal arguments in order to demonstrate why and how the General Data Protection Regulation (herein after GDPR) rules will apply to...

Brexit: Implications for Financial Services, Digital and ‘Fintech’ Industries

by Karen Mc Cullagh

Following the outcome of the historic ‘Brexit’ referendum on 23rd June 2016 in which a majority of eligible voters in the UK voted to ‘Leave’ the European Union and...

Govia v ASLEF: A missed opportunity?

By Shaun Bradshaw

The Southern Rail dispute attracted significant media attention. ASLEF, the UK union for train drivers and operators, took strike action over the implementation of...

On Invisible Politics and the Quest for Justice

By Nada Ali

Having learnt from the experience of the Arab Spring in Syria and from the casualties of street protests in the capital Khartoum in 2013, Sudanese activists managed to...

Blogging International Law - An Introduction

By Avidan Kent

This is a blog on international law, written by a group of international lawyers. This blog is coordinated by a group of scholars from the University of East Anglia and...







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