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There are a wide range of organisations that employ HSC graduates – but many of these may not be explored for a number of reasons. Sometimes, students are not aware of organisations or particular geographical areas and what they have to offer.

The Employability Directory has been developed as an additional resource to inform HSC students of the wide range of employment opportunities that are available to them on graduation in various geographical locations. The Employability Directory was initially developed to focus on employers within East Anglia and the fantastic opportunities that our local employers offer HSC graduates – but this resource has proved popular with organisations external to East Anglia too.

Employers have provided information on what their organisations are able to offer our graduates, with some additional information about the local area. It is hoped that this resource may encourage our students to broaden their horizons and perhaps give some thought to working in places and types of organisations that perhaps had not been considered previously. Please note that this resource does not include all potential employment opportunities for HSC graduates – but we are hopeful that more organisations may provide us with information to provide a more comprehensive Directory in future.

If you are a potential/current employer wishing to be part of our Employability Directory please contact Lucie Dack who can provide you with further information on this process.

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