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Transferring good ideas, research results and skills between universities, other research organisations, business and the wider community can generate innovative new products and services for society and better inform public policy.

As part of the University's commitment to Knowledge Transfer (KT), members of staff and students in the School are involved in a wide range of different activities, including:

  • providing expert advice to national, European and international policy makers;
  • collaborative projects involving private and public sector organisations;
  • disseminating their ideas through the media; 
  • giving lectures and presentations on their work to the public professional associations;
  • participating in events to give school pupils from across Norfolk a 'first taste' of higher education;
  • working as independent consultants on a wide range of projects with a number of leading businesses and organisations.

In addition, we offer a Year in Industry option with all of our undergraduate degree programmes. These enable students to gain relevant work experience as part of their studies, which greatly enhance their long time career prospects.

In the School there are a number of organisations, which are directly concerned with KT activities in areas of weather forecasting and climate change, environmental impact, sustainability.

The Adapt Low Carbon Group brings together a broad range of expertise and builds on the widely acknowledged successes of the University of East Anglia's business activities in the low carbon sector.

Find out more at http://www.uea.ac.uk/adapt

Weatherquest is a privately owned weather forecasting and weather analysis company based on the University of East Anglia campus. 

  • Forecasting - Weatherquest provide detailed weather forecasting services for clients in many different sectors including: agriculture, insurance, broadcast and print media, wind energy, ports, sport and winter gritting.
  • Data - Many clients need data showing weather conditions now or in the past, applications include insurance claims, legal and environmental consulting reports, energy efficiency assessments and media stories.
  • Consultancy - Weatherquest meteorologists can provide training and consultancy advice for a wide range of business and leisure applications.

Find out more at http://www.weatherquest.co.uk/

Project 'Fowey River Improvement Auction - Designing a payments for ecosystem services auction'


SECLI-FIRM is an EU H2020 research and innovation project working with the energy and water industries to improve the way these industries use seasonal climate forecasts in their management decisions. 

The project is producing tailored industry forecasts giving energy and water companies confidence in their management decisions to:

  • forecast calm weather windows for maintenance
  • predict the peaks and troughs on their operational systems
  • forecast supply and demand up to six months ahead for energy portfolio management

Find out more at http://www.secli-firm.eu



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