Staff comments about their careers and work at the UEA Staff comments about their careers and work at the UEA

Elena Garcia-Martin

Jan Alexander (Professor of Environmental Earth Science)

"The most memorable moments of my career involve field work…finding dinosaur footprints in Jurassic rocks in Yorkshire and ‘seeing' the environment in which those animals had lived"

Jenni Barclay (Professor in Volcanology)

"It's so easy to forget that part of what we do is creative and if we make time for other interests, our efficiency rises!"

Rosalind Bark (Lecturer in Ecological Economics) - 2017

“I am still finding my feet but believe my decision to return to academia has been a good one.”

Aldina Franco (Senior Lecturer in Ecology)

"There are many turns and crossways along the way, select what most stimulates you and do the best you can, excel!"

Clare Goodess (Senior Researcher in the Climatic Research Unit)

"be prepared to take risks and jump at new opportunities. Don't be afraid to network and to promote yourself"

Elena Garcia-Martin (Postdoctoral Researcher working on marine biogeochemistry) - 2017

“I fell in love with the marine environment at the age of 14 and since then I have been enjoying, studying, and protecting it.”

Jessica Johnson (Lecturer in Geophysics) - 2017

“I love everything about my research”

Corinne Le Quéré (Professor of Climate Change Science and Policy) - 2017

"In part I have been lucky, in part I have knocked on doors at difficult moments – and found them wide open."

Irene Lorenzoni (Senior Lecturer in Environmental Social Science)

"The publications of my first research papers in peer-review journals still stand out in my mind. I was exhilarated.."

Gill Malin (Reader in Biological Oceanography)

"If you have a passion for science and want to make it your career you have to work for it and also get yourself noticed"

Helen Pallett (Lecturer in Human Geography) - 2017

“It is such a privilege to spend most of my time researching, reading about, and discussing the issues I really care about”

Penelope Pickers (Postdoctoral Researcher working on understanding carbon cycles processes and fluxes) - 2017

“you don’t have to sacrifice your personal life in order to be a successful researcher”

Claire Reeves (Professor of Atmospheric Science)

"I really got the sense that I was part of something that was having a major influence on international policy."