ENV Athena Swan Contacts ENV Athena Swan Contacts

We are keen to hear from for staff and students within the School so please feel free to get in touch:

Dr. Irene Lorenzoni– Equality and Diversity Committee Chair: i.lorenzoni@uea.ac.uk

Prof. Kevin Hiscock - ENV Head of School: env.hospa@uea.ac.uk

Cate Knowles - ENV School Manager: c.knowles@uea.ac.uk

Dr. Gill Malin – RESNET & PGT SSLC Chair  –Women in Science network: g.malin@uea.ac.uk

Prof Jenni Barclay - Professor of Volcanology: j.barclay@uea.ac.uk

Dr Andrew Manning - Reader in Atmospheric & Ocean Science: a.manning@uea.ac.uk

Dr Rosalind Bark - Lecturer in Ecological Economics: R.Bark@uea.ac.uk

Dr Helen Pallett - Lecturer in Human Geography: h.pallett@uea.ac.uk

Dr Clare Goodess - Senior Research Associate: c.goodess@uea.ac.uk

Rachel Snow - Local Support Rep: env.hospa@uea.ac.uk

Dr Trevor Tolhurst - Lecturer in Coastal Physical Processes: t.tolhurst@uea.ac.uk

Bridie Davies - PGR Representative: Bridie.Davies@uea.ac.uk

Dr Ben Webber - Senior Postdoctoral Research Associate: b.webber@uea.ac.uk

A HR Representative attends meetings

Siobhan Dorai-Raj -  Science Project Co-ordinator Athena Swan: s.dorai-Raj@uea.ac.uk.

Silver Award Committee