Lawrence Stenhouse papers Lawrence Stenhouse papers

Sociology and Education
Research and Experiment in Education – Research in Sociology and its bearing on Education
Department of Education, King's College, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1962

Nordisk Tidsskrift for Pedagogikk, 1963
Lecture as Council of Europe Visiting Professor  (undated)
Humanities Curriculum Project
Journal of Curriculum Studies, Vol 1, No 1, 1968
Humanities Curriculum Project, The Schools Council Publications Company, 1968
Re-printed from "Education Canada", December 1969
Claremont Reading Conference, California, 1969
New Society, July 1969
Theory into Practice, 10 (3)  pp 154-62   June 1971
September 1978
Handwritten notes  (undated)
An extract from "Values and the Curriculum", a report of the Fourth International Curriculum, Conference, edited by William G. Carr, published by the National Education Association Center for the Stud of Instruction (CSI)   1971
Curriculum Design
The Changing School Curriculum in Europe, Paedagogica Europaea, 1970/71
Paper given to a Conference on Motivation, Ohio State University, June 1970
Paper by Lawrence Stenhouse, Jean Rudduck and Barry MacDonald for the International Training Seminar in Curriculum Development, July 1971
British Journal of Teacher Education, Vol 3:3, October 1977
Educational procedures and attitudinal objectives:  A Paradox
Lawrence Stenhouse and Gajendra K. Verma, Journal of Curriculum Studies, 13 (4) October 1981
Cambridge Journal of Education, Vol 2 No 1, 1972
An Inaugural Lecture by Lawrence Stenhouse, University of East Anglia, 1979
A proposal for research within the ESRC programme "Innovation and Change in Education: the quality of teaching and learning", March 1990
Handwritten notes  (undated)
The Teacher as a Researcher
Curriculum, Vol 1, no 1, Spring 1980
Applied Research in Education
Working memo No. 1, September 1976
Summary of a Lecture given by Lawrence Stenhouse at the Scottish National Conference on Curriculum and Evaluation for P.E. teachers, January 1979
First draft for discussion, 1980
Northern Ireland Council for Educational Research, Information Bulletin No. 15, January 1981
Curriculum Theory
Keynote Speech  -   Handwritten notes  (undated)
Curriculum Evaluation
Lecture given at AGM of Scottish Educational Research Association, University of Glasgow, February 1979
Teacher Accountability
Printed in Times Educational Supplement, May 1977
Paper (based on 3 day visit to Florida) 1977
Educational Analysis, Vol 1, 1979
Case Study
Submitted to the Journal of Curriculum Studies, February 1977
June 1977
A proposal for submission to the SSRC, 1977
First draft for discussion, 1979
Presidential address to the Annual Conference of the British Educational Research Association, September 1979 British Educational Research Journal, 6 (1) 1980
Comparative Education Journal, Vol 15, March 1979
Review of Educational Research
Anglo-Norse Conference: Summer, 1958
Drafts and Plans
Lawrence Stenhouse and Harry Torrance  (undated)
Book Reviews
Review in Journal of the Durham Institute of Education, 1959 on
Barbel Inhelder and Jean Piaget, Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1958. 
Summary of a lecture given to the 1960 Conference of Individual Members of the Institute, Journal of the Durham Institute of Education,  1960
The Scottish Educational Journal, April 1962
Insight and Outsight – Review on "Fantasy and Felling in Education" by Richard M. Jones, New York: New York University Press/ London: University of London Press  (undated)
Research Proposals
Comparative Education and History of Education
Lawrence Stenhouse, Institute of Education, University of Durham, 1961
The Aims of Education
Paper given to the Dartington Conference 1978
Reproduced in  Authority, Education and Emancipation, London: Heinemann, 1983
Library Access and Sixth Form Studies