A wide range of publications and journals A wide range of publications and journals

CARE's wide range of research publications reflect the diversity of the groups with whom we work and interact through our research. As well as journal articles and research books, we have produced a number of digital resources, DVD material and policy-focused reports which are available on request (see ‘Resources for teaching and research'). CARE members also play an active role in developing and editing journals for the academic community.

Here are some of the publications produced by CARE members over the last couple of years. For full lists of publications by each member, please see their individual web page.

Elliott, J (2012) Developing a science of teaching through lesson study, in International Journal of Lesson & Learning Study, Volume 1, Number 2. 

Elliott, J (2012) Teaching controversial issues, the idea of the ‘teacher as researcher' and contemporary significance for citizenship education, in (Elliott, J & Norris, N Eds.) Curriculum, Pedagogy and Educational Research: The work of Lawrence Stenhouse, London & New York: Routledge.
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Elliott. J (2013) The spiritual dimension of teaching: a view of educational action research, in McNiff, J (Ed.) Value and Virtue in Practice-based Research, September Books http://www.September-Books.com.value and virtue.
Elliott. J (2013) Learning Studies in Hong Kong: A Summary Evaluation Report on ‘The Variation for the Improvement of Teaching and Learning' (VITAL) Project, in Education and Didactics: available at http://educationdidactique.revues.org/1762
Gee, N. (2012) The residential fieldtrip experience: Evolving teacher-student relationships, Learning, Culture & Social Interaction. 1, 2-3, p 208-125.  
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Lamb, P. and Lane, K.  (2013).  Pupil voice on being Gifted and Talented in Physical Education:  ‘They think it's just, like, a weekend sort of thing'.  Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy, 18(2):  150-168.
Lamb P. (2014) Ritual associated with participation in physical education: the power of excuse notes. European Physical Education Review, Vol. 20, No. 1, 120-139.
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Lebeau, Y.  & Bennion, A. (2013) Forms of embeddedness and discourses of
engagement: a case study of universities in their local environment, Studies in Higher Education, DOI:10.1080/03075079.2012.709491
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Rogers A (2012) Non-formal Education: flexible schooling or participatory education? published in a Korean translation 
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