Group members Group members

Our group members from the School of Education and Lifelong Learning and their research expertise. Please visit each member’s staff page for further information.

Dr Kimberley J. Bartholomew: Motivation in sport, exercise and education; coach/teacher education programmes; promoting optimal performance and psychological well-being in athletes and students; the influence of educational practices on sustained health-conducive behaviour.



Dr Lee Beaumont: Health-related policy and practice within the physical education curriculum; the promotion of healthy, active lifestyles in young people; outdoor and adventurous activities within the physical education curriculum.



Dr Kate Russell: Gender, bodies and sexuality in sport, physical education and school contexts.




Dr Victoria Warburton: Dynamics of motivation in sport, exercise and education; personal and contextual factors that optimise motivation, learning, well-being and performance; young people’s experiences in sport, exercise and education.


Current postgraduate student members

The group hosts a number of full-time and part-time postgraduate students:

Michael Bennett (EdD):‘Developing a person-centred well-being model for professional footballers’: Supervised by Dr Victoria Warburton.

Andrea Hall (EdD): ‘Primary PE and the Pupil Premium: Supervised by Dr Lee Beaumont.

James Hupton (EdD): ‘Effects of Physical Activity on Classroom Behaviour’: Supervised by Dr Victoria Warburton.

James Newman (EdD): ‘Bullying in Sport’: Supervised by Dr Victoria Warburton.

Rosie Peck (EdD): ‘Understanding the quality of motivation experienced by junior doctors and how this impacts upon learning engagement and performance outcomes’: Supervised by Dr Victoria Warburton.

Rebecca Tuff (PhD): ‘Coach Behaviour Profiles in the University Sports Environment: Supervised by Dr Victoria Warburton.


SHE Group Graduates

Gary Hargreaves (MRes): ‘Coach Leadership, the Coach-Athlete Relationship and Anxiety in Youth Sport’: Supervised by Dr Lee Beaumont (2016).

Rebecca Tuff (MRes): ‘Coach and athlete perceptions of the coach’s interpersonal behaviour: Effects on athletes’ self-determination, enjoyment and burnout: Supervised by Dr Victoria Warburton (2015).