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1 November 2017: MathTASK Free Professional Development event for secondary mathematics teachers (or future teachers), 
3:00-7:00pm, UEA-Julian Study Centre Building- JSC 1.02 and JSC 1.03, find more and register here.

19 October 2017: Event for Year 8+ students with hearing impairment Register for our event

Completed Events

15 July 2017: CAPTeaM event "Mutual benefits of inclusion in mathematics lessons for deaf and hearing students". University of East Anglia

3-6 July 2017: Workshops on the MathTASK programme, Task methodology and data analysis in the context of the Summer School of the Postgraduate Programme in Mathematics Education of the School of Mathematics of the University of Athens, 3x2h, 30 participants pre- and in- service teachers, Mati Attikis, Greece.

25 May 2017: MathTASK, and more widely the RME Group activities, were the focus of the monthly meeting of LaPraME (Laboratório de Práticas Matemáticas para o Ensino), the research component of the postgraduate research programme (Programa de Pós-graduação em Ensino de Matemática (PEMat) at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Brazil, 2h, 30 participants.

23-24 May 2017: Public lecture (2h, May 23, ~100 participants) and workshop (2h, May 24, ~20 participants). UFRJ – Federal University of Fluminense (Santo Antônio de Pádua, UFF), Brazil.

17-18 May 2017: Departmental seminar (2h, May 18, ~50 participants) and postgraduate workshop (4h, May 17, ~20 participants). UFRJ – Universidade Federal de Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

10 April 2017: CAPTeaM and MathTASK plenary lecture (1h) at ATDM9, Hammamet, 10 April, Irene Biza, ATDM9 is le 9eme séminaire national de L’Association Tunisienne de Didactique des Mathématiques (40 participants).

3-4 March 2017: CAPTeaM+ Workshop (1h) at 2017 BSRLM - CFEM London (12 participants)

4-9 January 2016: Invited lectures and workshops (8h), jointly with Irene Biza. Joint Post-graduate Mathematics Education Programme (University of Western Macedonia and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), Greece. (30 participants). Funded by the Erasmus bi-lateral agreement between UEA and UoWM


Latest Publications Latest Publications

Nardi, E., Healy, L., Biza, I., & Fernandes, S.H.A.A. (2018). ‘Feeling’ the mathematics of disabled learners: Supporting teachers towards attuning and resignifying in inclusive mathematics classrooms. In R. Hunter, M. Civil, B. Herbel-Eisenmann, N. Planas, & D. Wagner (Eds.), Mathematical discourse that breaks barriers and creates space for marginalized learners, (pp. 147-170). SENSE Publications.

Biza, I., Nardi, E., & Zachariades, T. (2017). Competences of mathematics teachers in diagnosing teaching situations and offering feedback to students: Specificity, consistency and reification of pedagogical and mathematical discourses. In T. Leuders, J. Leuders, & K. Philipp (Eds.), Diagnostic Competence of Mathematics Teachers. Unpacking a complex construct in teacher education and teacher practice, (pp. 55-78). New York: Springer.

Giraldo, V., Rasmussen, C., Biza, I., Khakbaz, A., Hochmuth, R. (2017). Topic Study Group No. 2: Mathematics Education at Tertiary Level, (pp. 381-386). ICME-13 Monographs. Springer, Cham.

Biza, Irene (2017) “Points”, “slopes” and “derivatives”: Substantiations of narratives about tangent line in university mathematics students’ discourses. CERME (pp. tbc).

Kayali, L., & Biza, I. (2017). “One of the beauties of Autograph is … that you don’t really have to think”: Integration of resources in mathematics teaching. CERME, (pp. tbc).

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