A wide range of research interests A wide range of research interests

The research of the RME Group spans across several areas of mathematics education research. We particularly focus on the following areas:

  • Teaching and learning of mathematics at upper secondary and university level;

  • Public understanding and appreciation of mathematics and mathematicians;

  • Pedagogical and epistemological discourses of mathematics teachers;

  • Digital resources in the teaching of mathematics.


Recently funded research projects include:

  • British Academy funded project Challenging ableist perceptions of mathematical learning in Brazil and the UK, (CAPTeaM);

  • RCUK funded School-University Partnership (SUPI) led by Professor Kay Yeoman at UEA's School of Biological Sciences;

  • Transforming secondary mathematics teachers’ aspirations into strategies in context (TASK), supported by the Ian Hunter Prize and the EDU Pump Priming Research Fund;

  • Mapping University Mathematics Assessment Practices (MUMAP) project funded by the MSOR Network through the Mathematical Sciences HE Curriculum Innovation Project.


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