Calendar of requirements while on placement Calendar of requirements while on placement

Placement Days


5 – 6 October 2017

12 – 13 October 2017

16 – 19 October 2017 


Learn how the school operates.

Develop an understanding of effective teaching of the core and foundation subjects in the National Curriculum, or the seven areas of learning and development in the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Develop an understanding of how pupils learn through their activities and experiences in school.

Develop an understanding of the demands of the Teachers’ Standards.

All students:

  • Observe teachers in variety of classes and year groups in the school for about one hour daily.
  • Assist CT in teaching across the curriculum and work with individuals and small groups of pupils.
  • Ensure that you observe at least two phonics lessons in Reception or KS1 and discuss one with the teacher using proforma provided.
  • With an individual child you should conduct a reading interview, share a quality picture book and, where appropriate, conduct a reading miscue analysis.
  • From 12 October teach whole class for part of one lesson daily. 

FS students:

  • Ensure observations are made in other FS classes and pre-school provision if possible.
  • Take some responsibility for leading some whole class activities (e.g. story time, snack time, organising continuous provision inside and outside).
  • Start to immerse yourself in the children’s learning/play (e.g. join in the role play), paying particular attention to cultivating learning dialogues.

All students:

  • From 16 October teach whole class for one lesson daily.

FS students: 

  • Take responsibility for organising, managing and leading the whole class for one hour daily. This includes whole class opportunities such as snack times, story time and circle time. Lead some sessions in a variety of contexts. Plan and teach a small group activity based around an object, a book or an event that fits in with the current themes and interests. Reflect on the learning that takes place and how you might build upon it.

KS1/2 students: 

  • Teach whole class (or most of the class) for one hour daily. Focus on teaching English, mathematics and science.