Forms and documents for students on placement in your school Forms and documents for students on placement in your school

On this page you will find all the necessary forms and documents to support the students whilst on placement in your school.

Some of these forms are protected by a password that your PGCE student or the placement team can provide for you. If you have any questions please contact our placements administrator.


Primary Partnership Documents 2019-20

PGCE Partnership Benefits

PGCE Primary Partnership Calendar and FAQs

Primary PGCE New Partner Letter

Primary PGCE Current Partner Letter

Primary PGCE Placement Offer Form

General course documents 2019-20

These documents are provided in word format and PDF. We are currently experiencing problems with users trying to download Microsoft Word versions to an Apple device so please use the PDF format. This problem should not occur on a PC.

PGCE Partnership Privacy Notice - PDF

PGCE Partnership Schools Data Sharing Agreement - PDF

Data Protection Toolkit for Schools - PDF

Teaching grade descriptors document (NASBTT) and Guide to observation and assessment of trainees - PDF

Instructions for PDPF (Professional development progress file) - Word


Core - School Documents

School Placement Guide -  PDF

School A Audit -  PDF

School B Audit - PDF

School Direct Documents

School Placement Guide - School Direct - PDF

School A Audit - PDF

School B Audit - Autumn Term - School Direct - PDF

Name Usage Format

Lesson Observation Examples

Please find some examples of lesson observations to support you in giving clear, focused feedback against all the Teachers’ Standards.  There are a range of examples related to different curriculum areas and age groups.  Please use the ‘Guide to observation and assessment of trainees’  booklet to support feedback to students which is clearly related to the appropriate curriculum area.

English LKS2- PDF

Maths KS1 - PDF


Ethics Letters

Letters for Headteacher, paired and single placements

Single student version 1 - Word

Single student version 2 - Word

Paired students version 1 - Word

Paired students version 2 - Word


Students need to submit a copy of their timetable to their UEA teaching practice supervisor and place a copy in their Teaching Practice file. If their timetable differs from week to week they should complete a copy for each week of the placement.

Guidance on the number of hours a student should be teaching is found in the School A Audit of Requirements.

Timetable -  Word Document


Review of Professional Development

Weekly meetings should be planned into the timetable.  The meeting should begin with a review of the most recent action points before moving on to planning, teaching, behaviour management and assessment throughout the week. Personal and Professional Conduct (PPC) and wider professional responsibilities should be reviewed separately.

The Professional Development Action Plan should be completed ensuring action points are specific, measurable, achievable and realistic by the date of the next meeting.


Word Document





Review of Professional Development - instructions and example


During the weekly meetings between the student and class teacher, an RPD form will be filled in to show the review of progress made, and the new targets set, in each area of the Teachers' Standards.

An example with instructions can be found here.

RPD example - Word

Assessment of Practical Teaching (APT) Form

Class teachers and UEA teaching practice supervisors should use this form for observations of students' teaching



Formative Assessment Point (FAP) 1 Form

This form should be completed by the class teacher at the end of the Autumn Term block practice



Formative Assessment Point (FAP) 2 form

This form should be completed by the class teacher at the end of the Spring Term block practice





Summative Assessment Point (SAP) 1 form

This form is to be completed at the end of the School A placement



Summative Assessment Point (SAP) 2 form

This form is to be completed at the end of the School B placement



Moderation Form

This is the  form used during the moderation review meeting



School B Evaluation Form

To be completed at the end of the School B placement



Audit of Communication Supporting Teaching Strategies (ACSTS)

Each trainee in EYFS or KS1 will be observed using this tool once in the weeks beginning

  • 28th October 2019 (1st week of School A block practice)
  • 20th January 2020 (1st week of School B block practice)
  • 23rd March 2020 (last week of School A block practice)
  • 22nd June 2020 (last week of  School B block practice)