Outline of structure and dates Outline of structure and dates

Length of course and teaching arrangements

EdD is a part-time programme which will enable you to conduct your own research project over five years.

Current students registered initially for the MEd degree for the first two years. Before the end of the second year, after the successful completion of the two assignments and the research proposal and the approval from the EDU research ethics committee, students will progress to the EdD degree and the period of independent study.

If you start in October 2020, you will register directly for the EdD degree, the first two years of which will be considered a probationary period. In years one and two, you will attend sessions in educational theory and research methods in the form of four weekend study blocks. You will work on two assignments (Year One) and develop your research proposal (Year Two). By the end of the second year, after the successful completion of the two assignments and the research proposal, your probation will be confirmed by a review panel composed of your supervisors and an internal assessor. You will then progress to your research (Years Three, Four and Five) and we will support you in producing a series of formative assignments towards the preparation of the final thesis of up to 60,000 words.

The four weekend study blocks in the first two years offer you an opportunity to engage, together with your cohort, in advanced professional development that is required before the EdD thesis submission. In addition, you will benefit from excellent face-to-face and online training in the Social Sciences Faculty.  A successful completion of the EdD also requires personal independent study time of at least 60 hours per month.


Teaching schedule 2018-20

  • Study Block 1: Sat/Sun, 13/14 October 2018

  • Study Block 2: Sat/Sun, 16/17 March 2019

  • Study Block 3: Sat/Sun, 19/20 October 2019

  • Study Block 4: Sat/Sun, 20/21 June 2020


Indicative teaching schedule 2020-22

  • Study Block 1: Sat/Sun, 3/4 October 2020

  • Study Block 2: Sat/Sun, 6/7 March 2021

  • Study Block 3: Sat/Sun, 16/17 October 2021

  • Study Block 4: Sat/Sun, 4/5 June 2022


Year One
Critical Literature Review (3,500 words)
Comparison of Methodologies (6,500 words)

Year Two
Research Proposal (5,000 words)
Ethics Application

Year Three and Year Four
Four formative assignments including Literature Review, Methodology, Issues Emerging from Data and Results/Conclusions

Year Five
A thesis of up to 60,000 words, incorporating the four formative assignments, with an oral examination.