Vehicle dynamics modelling - a PC based simulator Vehicle dynamics modelling - a PC based simulator

Ken MacLeod, a former MSc student, who currently works as a Lead Programmer at the renowned games company Bizarre Creations , designed and implemented a real-time PC-based motor vehicle dynamics simulator under my supervision.

Below are two screenshots of the simulator. The left image shows a two-window display with the Virtual Environment (VE) displayed in the bottom window and tyre performance and vehicle g-forces in the top window. Also note the torque/power curve in the bottom left corner and the standard devices such as speedometers. Only the chassis, suspension and wheels are shown during this simulation to illustrate the behaviour of these components on rough terrain. The second image shows a fully rendered car which just went off the racetrack. 

car car 2


Below is a (low res) movie showing the user interaction using an ACT-LABS racing force feedback interface.