Latex is a collection of tools Latex is a collection of tools

LaTeX is a collection of tools itself, and to work with the files produced extra programs are required. The full list is below so you can download and install them on your own system.

Original downloads

  • TeX Live (
    This is the core TeX system that we used across all platforms in CMP. The instructions for installing are available at the given link.
  • Ghostscript (
    If you're generating files via the dvi and ps method then you need to have Ghostscript installed as well. Download links are available on the Ghostscript download page. You can also find links to GSView on that page as well.
  • TeXstudio (
    TeXstudio is the editor that is provided in our labs.
  • TeXMaker (
    TexMaker is an editior that is provided in our labs

Lab packages

These are the packages that are deployed in the labs, which we're making available for you to use on your own systems. They are not supported by the department. If you have problems we may be able to help via email but time constraints may prevent us from doing so.

These have been packaged to run on 64-bit Windows 7 machines. Due to the way that LaTeX is constructed the locations of the various parts have to be fixed which will prevent them from working correectly on a 32-bit system. They have also only been tested on a en-US/en-GB system, if you're running another locale then the packages will fail to function correctly.

To install, download the zip file below, un-zip, then run each of the MSI's contained within. (zip,380MB)

LaTeX on Mac OS X

MacTeX is a redistribution of TeX Live. While TeX Live is designed to be cross-platfrom, MacTeX includes some Mac-specific utilities and front ends. It is also pre-configured to work out of the box with Mac OS X.

Many of the cross platform editors can be used with MacTeX but a popular editor is TexShop