Aims and approach Aims and approach

The post-registration IPL programme is offered to professionals/agencies involved in delivering services to the public. Either teams of professionals or individual professionals can take part. Participants vary according to context and setting, but those who have taken part so far have included staff from Health and Social Services, Education, and the Police.


The main aim of the post-registration IPL programme is to enhance the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviour that facilitate effective interprofessional/inter-agency working. Participants will achieve this by:

  • Meeting in an informal and safe environment with the support of a trained facilitator.
  • Evaluating what works well and what needs to change within their current practice.
  • Setting practical and deliverable learning goals which might be expected to lead to changes and improvements in current practice.
  • Carrying out exercises that will enhance teamworking skills.
  • Improving their understanding of different professionals to encourage interaction during the delivering of service. 
  • Expanding their knowledge of the different agencies involved in delivering their service.
  • Exploring ways to work together more effectively and more efficiently.

Two courses are offered within the post-registration IPL programme: a half-day workshop and a three-month intervention.


Both of the courses are:

  • Participant-led
  • Underpinned by theory
  • Practical
  • Focused on local need

If you are interested in learning more about how the Centre for Interprofessional Practice can assist you in enhancing interprofessional or inter-agency working, please contact Dr Susanne Lindqvist, Centre Director: