Encouraging excellence Encouraging excellence

Our vision is to encourage excellence in interprofessional and inter-agency teamworking and education to ensure the provision of first class patient care

The Centre for Interprofessional Practice at UEA was formed in 2002 in response to UK health and social care policy, emphasising the importance of interprofessional/inter-agency working and education in delivering first class patient care.

Our vision since then has been to adopt a combined approach to educating both pre- and post-registration healthcare professionals by offering an Interprofessional Learning (IPL) Programme with two branches of activity:

  • A pre-registration IPL programme: Offered to all undergraduate healthcare students from the first year of their professional training to encourage early interaction between different professions.
  • A post-registration IPL programme: Offered to active interprofessional/inter-agency teams in health and social care to facilitate their continuing professional development as part of an interdisciplinary team.

The overall aim of the IPL programme is to foster the skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviour that enable effective interprofessional team-working. We believe that opportunities for interaction between the different professions play a crucial role in facilitating this process.

For this to happen:

  • Students from different professional groups need to interact from the very beginning of their training, to learn about how different health professionals work together as part of a multi-professional team
  • Members of the different professions/agencies need to meet to share and discuss all aspects of care in order to understand each others' roles and responsibilities, enabling them to provide a seamless service for the patient/client.

The Centre believes that striving for excellence in interprofessional/inter-agency team-working plays a crucial role in ensuring an effective provision of patient care.

We aim to interlink the two arms of activity in such a way that all health and social care professionals involved in the programme are part of a continuum of interprofessional learning. In the long term we hope to show real benefits to both students and staff, and primarily to the patient/client.