Sam's mentoring experience Sam's mentoring experience

I became involved in the Mentoring Programme because I wanted to develop a better understanding of the potential job opportunities in the environmental sector, gain experience and skills that would improve my employability and to have additional support in developing job applications. I felt that with the advice, support and encouragement of a mentor, I would be better placed to achieve those goals.

I was matched on the six month mentoring programme with Sarah who has direct experience of working in my sector of interest. I met up with Sarah at her place of work for an hour once a month and she initially helped me to develop a set of goals that I wanted to complete during the programme and to generate a plan of how I would achieve them. Sarah gave an insider's perspective of the sector and highlighted potential opportunities that I had not previously been aware of, provided advice on how to gain experience and acquire useful skills in this sector and gave invaluable feedback on my CV, cover letter and application forms.

The feedback provided on my applications meant that they were more refined and of a better quality than before I started the Mentoring Programme and I'm certain that this really made a difference in being offered an interview.

I would thoroughly recommend the Mentoring Programme to others because it provides you with a valuable opportunity to evaluate your talents, values and employment options and provides you with extra support to develop job applications.