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Welcome to the Faculty of Arts and Humanities (HUM) programme for postgraduate researchers. Its aim is to support postgraduate research students in developing those skills which underpin the production of high quality research, from the writing of the thesis to working within a wider academic environment, and from working as a professional academic to disseminating work to a wider public culture.

The philosophy of the programme begins with your intellectual and practical needs as a higher-level researcher.  You will be invited to design your own programme with your primary supervisor. Although some of the training takes place in formal sessions, students are also encouraged to identify external and informal opportunities for development. The programme also aims to create and support a distinct research community that draws together research students and Faculty. Most of our sessions are provided by research active academic staff, but we also work with other parts of the University in providing practical and technical training and career development for HUM students.

Dr Louise Atherton, Director of Postgraduate Teaching and Programmes


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