Autumn 2017 Seminar Series

Boutique data: The Centre for Editing Lives and Letters (CELL) and DH at the Smaller End of the ScaleJohn Dee Annotations

Thursday Nov 9, 2017. 12 -1 pm. Rm 1.05 TEC (The Enterprise Centre)

Dr. Matthew Symonds

The Centre for Editing Lives and Letters (CELL), UCL

In this presentation, Dr. Matthew Symonds from the Centre for Editing Lives and Letters (CELL) will discuss their project about the reading habits of Gabriel Harvey and John Dee, The Archaeology of Reading, and how, by allowing the nature of source materials to determine their methods, this level of “boutique data” can lead to new insights into the nature of the early modern.

Tudor Letters as Big Data

Thursday, October 12, 2017 12-1 pm. Arts 01.06

Dr. Ruth Ahnert

Queen Mary University of London

In this presentation Ruth Ahnert will discuss her AHRC-funded project, ‘Tudor Networks of Power’ - a collaborative digital humanities project that reconstructs the evidence for Tudor intelligence networks from 132,000 letters that survive in the British State Papers (government archives), and analyses them using computational tools and algorithms developed within the field of complex networks.