18th and 19th Century Art and Architecture 18th and 19th Century Art and Architecture

The work of architectural historian Prof. Dana Arnold (webpage currently under construction), examines the role of architecture within visual culture and urban experience, with a focus upon the 18th and 19th centuries. Dana Arnold's Book She has written three books on London: Representing the Metropolis (2000); Rural Urbanism (2006) and The Spaces of the Hospital (2013). Her work has taken on a global dimension with research projects on the architectural dialogues between London and Paris, and those between Britain and China, and Europe and the Middle East. Prof Dana Arnold’s research on these dialogues has been published in many languages, including Chinese and French.  Her current work focuses on the relationship between description, memory and architecture and includes several journal articles and book chapters and the forthcoming monograph Architecture and Ekphrasis (Manchester University Press 2018/19).

Dr. Sarah Monks is a specialist in the history of British Art, 1650-1850. Her research focuses in particular upon the effects of emergent imperialism upon the forms and practices of British artists during this period. Dr. Monks has edited numerous books, and her work has been published widely in journals such as Art History and Visual Culture in Britain. She is currently completing a monograph, Marine Painting in Britain, 1650-1850: Framing Space, Power and Modernity (forthcoming, Routledge, 2018).