SIfA is dedicated to the study and appreciation of art across time and cultures SIfA is dedicated to the study and appreciation of art across time and cultures

Research is central to our activities, and, as part of the Sainsbury Institute for Art (SIfA) we are able to offer world-class facilities and resources. 
Our approach to research aims to move beyond restrictively eurocentric approaches to art history. A range of successful grant applications, totalling £4 million since 2008, has contributed to the distinctive global and historical character of our work.
The Sainsbury Centre for Visual Art (SIfA) supports a lively community of research students, postdoctoral fellows and research staff. Our projects reflect SifA's commitment to promoting and fostering cross-disciplinarity and collaborative research initiatives.
We think it is important to communicate our research beyond its specialised academic audience. To take two examples:
  • In Butrint in Albania our researchers have helped to devise and implement a programme of archaeological excavations that have transformed the area into a thriving tourist attraction. This generates much needed income for the local economy and has helped safeguard the site for the future.
  • Dr Simon Kaner's research into the Japanese traditional ceramic figurines known as Dogū, resulted in an exhibition at the British Museum was visited by over 200,000 people, with its content reaching over 20 million in Japan through serial manga publications and a television documentary.

SifA's research concerns the following broad areas:
















Collaborative Projects