Examples of written work, by children at Larkman Primary School Examples of written work, by children at Larkman Primary School

"The 'What America Means to Me' workshop inspired the children to produce some of the best pieces of written work of this year. The children thoroughly enjoyed each section of the workshop from the diversity of peoples and cultures, to the local links with American servicemen in World War Two, through to the football skills session at the end. The workshop gave the children a real context to their letter exchanges with students in St Louis. The cries of 'are you coming back tomorrow?' are a true testament to the quality and lasting impact of the visit by Dr McMahon and her colleagues. Thank you."
Sharon Ruddick, Deputy head, Larkman Primary School, Norwich

What America Means To Me.

On Wednesday 24th February we had an American workshop with Wendy, Lucien and Catherine. We learned many new things.

The American Air force in World War Two brought dance, clothes, gum and music to Norwich and when they left some of them took Norfolk wives. They used the place where Carrow Road now stands as a baseball pitch and a rodeo.

We learned about the lives of the Native Americans, mistakenly called Indians. They used to be shown on TV killing people for no reason but that was not the truth. They are not that different to us and all other ‘kids'.

At the end of the morning, we played American football. We learned to throw and catch. We learned to make the ball spin. Then we played games. My team won two rounds.
Desmond O'Carroll, Year 6