The senses of nature: ecopoem by year 6 children, Howard Junior School The senses of nature: ecopoem by year 6 children, Howard Junior School

The Senses of Nature

A class ecopoem by year 6, Howard Junior school

Today I touched nature
Smooth, pretty petals
A thorn as prickly as a cactus
A wall felt rough as a stick

Prickly thorn that punctured Sapphire's hand
In the forest tall trees look grand
Silky velvety petals
A million miles from hard and cold metals

Today I was amazed by the sense of touch
The side of the buildings as rough as twigs
The petals as squishy and soft as a lump of wool.

I saw a deer running like wind on the green grass
I saw surrounding trees
I saw myself on the branches when I did a mirror walk.
It made me feel scared –
I thought I was going to fall.

The deer ran through the wind
that the leaves were blowing in
I walked along the branches
and saw the reflections above my head.
I saw a bird flying through the sky like an arrow.
I saw the leaves green and rustling through the bushes.

I saw beautiful plants,
Trees like slingshots.
I heard birds sing as they soared through the air.

I saw roses as bright as the rainbow
I also saw trees with leaves dancing like wings.
How beautiful do you think they look?

I can smell bark and grass
It is very fresh, like mint.
Stop cutting down trees or you will lose us forever!

Perfumed petals fragrance the air
The stench of mini-beasts crawling back to their lairs
Smell the lavender that we tear
Gorgeous smells of Houghton Hall – I stop and stare.

I can smell the fresh fragrance of the greeny grass.
I can smell the apply white rose petals.

Pink, white and yellow roses smelt fresh like water.
The garden was full of scents
All scents were pleasant, except lavender,
Which gave me a headache.

In the wood I heard a Jay
I wondered what he wanted to say.
We pushed and pushed our way in the bush,
The wind surrounded us and it went whoosh!

I can hear the wind rustling the leaves on the trees,
The wind sounds like the high-tided sea,
Shaking the trees like a tornado!

I can hear the wind rustling,
I can hear the birds tweeting,
I can hear the twigs snapping,
I can hear the leaves cracking,
I can hear your heart beating.

The leaves rustled in the branches like paper being shaken.
The birds were singing nicely and gently
when we heard a helicopter in the distance.

In the woods I heard leaves swish
It was the wind making a wish.

In order: Lucy, Briah, Kaydie, Zoe, Freya, Lewis, Elle, Deanna, Mir, Ellie, Sapphire, Abbie, Tamsin, Chloe, Nathan.