By pursuing excellence and achieving, celebrating and sharing clear outcomes and student successes, we’ll strengthen our reputation as a leading and innovative provider of higher education.

We’ll attract greater numbers of students by providing a highly valued campus experience and modern, relevant learning for the digital age.


We’ll ensure the success of our undergraduate and postgraduate students today and tomorrow by:

We’ll provide students with the advanced knowledge, expertise and practical life skills international employers demand. We’ll help a growing number of students to start their own businesses while they study. As students are very aware of the cost of their studies, we’ll also provide wider fulfilment and maximise student satisfaction by providing quality, flexibility, relevance and value.

Our distinctive learning experience will be shaped by our knowledge of wider social and economic changes and how they impact on the worlds of work and wellbeing. We’ll embrace new business models and institutional structures so we can adapt to and shape the future of education. We’ll break new ground by encouraging our staff to innovate, collaborate and shape the most relevant techniques. We’ll also use innovative approaches to teaching and learning where appropriate and anticipate the science and art of the future to continually develop our course portfolio and meet the needs of students and employers.

We’ll challenge established practices and develop new ways of doing things to help our students succeed. We’ll co-create with our students, industries, communities and different organisations to deliver the most effective, relevant and inspiring education. We’ll stand out for learning and teaching excellence.

Technology has opened up a new world of education. We’ll continue to pioneer and embrace new educational technologies and develop a campus that supports technology-enhanced learning. We’ll blend active learning classrooms with the best in online, virtual and face-to-face learning to equip our students with the skills they need to lead the way in the digital age.

Our active and enjoyable environment will enable our students to find their own path, secure their future and make a difference to society. We’ll prepare our graduates for a world that’s often complex, volatile and in constant flux. We’ll make sure they’re ready to take on jobs and solve problems that don’t yet exist. We’ll encourage enterprise, innovation and an international perspective. We’ll also help them to develop the new skills they need to be leaders, global citizens and world-ready - primed to flourish in work, further studies or whatever they choose to do.

Proof we'll deliver greater student success

  • For the fifth consecutive year, UEA has been named in the top 10 universities for student experience.

  • At the forefront of interactive digital learning, we’re one of the UK’s leading providers of university MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses).

  • We aim to anticipate changing demands, meet high expectations and provide new subjects and extra curricular activities to improve the employability of our students.