We aim to make sure everybody in our university is clear about our strategy, can fulfil their potential and has all the support they need to help us set new standards of teaching and research in a constantly changing world.

Our future success is in the hands of our students and staff. From world-leading research to world-class academic, administrative and HR support - everyone in our team has a key role to play in delivering our 2030 strategic vision. Everything we do will underpin and help us achieve our goals. Together, we’ll develop our campus, create new ways of learning and shape the digital and university infrastructures that will deliver student, research and global success.

We’ll make UEA a great place to work and learn by:

Enhancing our Professional Service Culture


From assessing student work to negotiating research contracts to maintaining and investing in our attractive campus - we’ll meet the highest expectations of our students, research funders and partners. Our academic, professional and support teams will work closely together to provide the best possible experience for all.

Working as one team towards one vision


We’ll collaborate across disciplines and work together to achieve our collective goals and realise our 2030 strategic vision.

Building on a culture of success


We’ll adapt quickly and act with agility to meet future challenges in a time of intensified competition.

Improving Individual Performance


We’ll support, motivate and develop our staff. We’ll provide the time, facilities and CPD opportunities they need to achieve their individual ambitions and personal success. The more we grow and thrive, the more opportunities we’ll create for our colleagues.

Valuing our Staff


We'll recognise the immense value our colleagues bring, as they propel our vision. We’ll reward our staff and celebrate our world-leading academic and professional colleagues. We’ll also put equality and fairness at the forefront of everything we do and celebrate our diversity throughout the university and beyond.

Developing a stimulating community


We’ll invest in our campus and create an environment that opens doors, pioneers original thinking and inspires people to work together to break new ground.


  • Our researchers recently solved a 60-year-old maths problem using wave turbulence theory.
  • We won the award for ‘Outstanding Leadership and Management Team’ at the prestigious Times Higher Education Leadership and Management Awards 2014.
  • We’ll empower our students and colleagues and provide the support and lifelong learning opportunities they need to develop their skills and make the biggest impact.
  • We’ll keep on scanning the horizon so we can quickly respond to new challenges and opportunities.