We aim to increase the volume and impact of our research over the next 15 years.

Proud of our international reputation for innovative, high quality research, we’ll continue to make great strides by building our research capacity and investing in our research facilities. We’ll double our research power. We’ll embed our research into our teaching. We’ll identify key research areas where we can become global leaders. We’ll also work closely with our partners at the Norwich Research Park to enhance the quality and volume of our research and enterprise.

We’ll strengthen our position as a leading research intensive university by:

We’ll enhance the quality of our research by embracing innovation in humanities, as well as medical, social and natural sciences.

We’ll provide high quality supervision and a strong focus on collaboration and co-production. We’ll ensure every student benefits from our Doctoral Training Centres and Partnerships, as we foster stronger links between research and teaching.

We’ll develop interdisciplinary research themes to address the big global challenges of today. Global health. Nutrition. Climate change. International competition. Hunger. Power blackouts. War. Famine. Disease. Equality. We’ll apply our knowledge to the issues that matter and make sure our diverse research portfolio creates a better future for all.

We’ll continue to build long-term partnerships, collaborating with industry, government and different organisations to enhance the quality, relevance, reach and impact of our research.

We’ll continue to form new spin-out companies from our research and help our students to create new start-ups, while supporting charities, NGOs and social enterprises.

We’ll continually develop our facilities and working environment to support innovative research and become a leading global player. Most importantly of all, we’ll continue to recruit, develop, support and celebrate our world-class researchers and academics.

Why we can take research to greater heights

  • Robots. Climate change. Social work. Nutrition. Our diverse research impacts on the world in all kinds of areas.

  • We’re ranked in the top 10 in the UK for world-leading research in English, Food Science, Social Work and American Studies and Language.