We aim to enhance our international reputation and build on our competitive advantage at a time of significant global investment in higher education.

An international university with more than 115,000 alumni from 100+ countries, we’re very proud to be ranked highly among global universities for research citations. But we must embrace a more strategic approach to investing in internationalisation.


The better our global reputation, the more:

  • We’ll attract growing numbers of talented students and staff from around the world
  • We’ll work in partnership with the world’s top organisations and research partners
  • We’ll be able to address major global challenges while improving the reach, capacity and impact of our world-class research
  • Our international alumni will inspire new generations of students to join us from every corner of the world
  • Opportunities we’ll create for our staff, students and alumni to make a global impact.


We'll enhance our global reputation by:

As well as establishing strong international networks to create new opportunities for our alumni and students – we’ll make sure they act as catalysts for creating new connections around the world. We’ll provide international experiences for our students on our campus and abroad. We’ll expand our research footprint and the impact it has on global challenges. We’ll also harness technology, virtual reality and platforms such as LinkedIn to build communities and make our compelling offer visible to all.

Health. Culture. Citizenship. The environment. Our research and teaching will be at the forefront of the universal challenges that matter. We’ll provide our students with different global perspectives and inspire new breakthroughs with our teaching and research. We recognise that more students are driven by their own sustainability agenda. They go to university to help solve the problems our global communities face. We’ll foster that spirit and help them to do just that.

We’ll prepare world-ready graduates and build strong global networks and partnerships with international universities, policymakers, governments and businesses. Identifying the latest trends and responding to challenges across the globe, we’ll work with the world’s best research partners, fostering like-minded partnerships to generate commercial success.

We’ll celebrate diversity on our campus and bring our international identity to life through our curriculum, shared spaces and celebrating the multiple cultures that make up our university. Investing in the very best staff from around the globe, we’ll create a truly international academic environment. We’ll bring our research to life, making sure everyone sees the impact we make on the world. We’ll also celebrate the achievements of alumni from around the world and ensure international applicants feel welcome, safe and part of our community - before they even get here.

Why UEA can gain even greater global scope

  • We’re home to over 15,000 students, including around 3,500 international students.
  • Out of 17,000 universities across the globe, we’re ranked in the top 1 per cent.
  • We’ll enhance our global status by developing purposeful networks, building stronger partnerships, identifying new regional bases and developing research that will put us in the global spotlight.
  • We’ll grow our student numbers through smart marketing and actively engaging with our students, colleagues, alumni, partners and the world.