We’ve been bold, confident and innovative since UEA was created in Norwich in 1963.

The world of higher education has grown and changed significantly. But we’ve stayed true to our vision and values while our passion for shaping the future of education and research is stronger than ever.

An international research-intensive university, located at the heart of Norwich Research Park, we’re passionate about pioneering innovative new approaches to achieve excellence in research, scholarship and education. We inspire our students and staff to challenge the norm, ask questions, and think beyond boundaries and conventions to solve all kinds of problems. We’ve also led the way with the creation of new subject areas, such as creative writing and environmental science.

Living our values of intellectual curiosity, collaboration and support, we’re constantly developing our learning experience and vibrant community of staff and students.


Our Purpose

To continue to build and develop our reputation as a leading international university, delivering excellent research and teaching, and making a positive impact on the wider world.


The story behind our UEA2030 Vision

The world is changing and higher education is experiencing a period of major transformation. So, we needed to change too. Which is why we started to create a new vision. We looked at the future challenges we face. We identified the trends that are shaping our world. Most importantly of all, we talked to our staff, students, alumni and partners about what our vision should be.


These are the strong themes that emerged and that have been incorporated into our vision:

  • Continue to recognise the significant investment that students make in their education and focus on providing the very best experience and outcomes they deserve.

  • Produce the highest-quality research to further develop our reputation in key fields.

  • Build a reputation for embracing technology and using digital advances to support the very best campus experience while opening up new opportunities in online education.

  • Use technology to enable innovation in teaching, learning and research.

  • Provide an experience that offers much more to develop the future stars of the workplace.

  • Stand out for a personalised approach that balances vocational skills with creativity and free thinking, as more students worry about the emergence of simple ‘degree factories’ and ‘job-training certificates’.

  • Produce groundbreaking research that delivers value to our sponsors and funders.

  • Build on a friendly environment to be proud of through greater integration and improving the way we celebrate diversity, encourage wider participation and collaborate with our staff, students, partners and local communities.

  • Innovate collaboratively to embed our research experience into our teaching.

  • Build our global community and make sure everyone at UEA shares an international experience.

  • Continue to lead the way with impactful research and education to support global sustainability.

  • Provide environmental stewardship on our campus, in our buildings and in our everyday lives.

  • Live and breathe fairness in everything we do while promoting diversity and ensuring equality.

  • Provide leadership to East Anglia, Norwich and our local communities.

UEA2030 Vision

A university with momentum – we’re really going places. Our UEA2030 Vision sets out the journey we need to take over the next 15 years.

We’ll achieve our ambitions and enhance our reputation in the UK and internationally through the four strategic pillars of student, research, staff and global success. Driven by shared goals, we’ll give our students and colleagues the creative freedom to make their mark on the world. We’ll strengthen our financial sustainability during increasingly competitive times. We’ll continue to invest in the modernisation of our campus and prepare enterprising, entrepreneurial, world-ready students. We also recognise the importance of league tables and will focus on consolidating our position as a top 20 university in all of the main UK university league tables.


Signs We Can Reach Higher, Go Further

  • We’ll continue to be internationally recognised for our pioneering ethos and strengths in research and teaching. Together, we’ll grow our team, student population, global reach and revenue.

  • We’re a university with great ambition, high ideals and the drive and capabilities to change the world for the better. With a distinctive spirit and a unique story to tell, we’ll achieve our vision through four critical interrelated themes - student success, research success, staff success and global success.

  • We’ll play an important civil role in our local community. We’ll support enterprise and cultural literacy. We’ll also work with our partners to help Norwich grow and develop as a vibrant and welcoming student city.

  • We lead the way with fast-evolving disciplines such as media and cultural studies.