PhDs and Research Degrees in Mathematics

We welcome applicants for our postgraduate research opportunities available in the School for the coming academic year.  Our research embraces mathematical topics including:

Applied Mathematics

  • Fluid dynamics
  • Fluid-structure interaction
  • Mathematical biology
  • Geophysical fluid dynamics
  • Quantum fluids
  • Industrial Mathematics
  • Numerical Computation


Pure Mathematics

  • Representation theory
  • Algebraic combinatorics
  • Number theory
  • Model theory
  • Set theory
  • Logic
  • Groups and Semigroups

Postgraduate research degrees usually take between three and four years to complete and are supervised by our academics who outline the research, and provide guidance and mentoring throughout the project. You will be involved in our active postgraduate community and have the numerous training opportunities beyond your research project, e.g. through taught courses and study groups.