The Laboratory for Economic and Decision Research (LEDR) is situated at the centre of our campus.

It is a dedicated space used exclusively for economic experiments conducted by our academics and research students. It is also available for use by visiting academics/representatives from industry or commerce.  

The Laboratory for Economic and Decision Research houses three server workstations linked to 43 high specification client stations loaded with numerous versions of the most popular experimental software: Z-Tree/Z-Leaf. The facility can be split; to be simultaneously utilised as two units to support multiple experiments being conducted on the same day or combined to support larger sessions. Available session times can include weekend and evening slots by arrangement.  

The Laboratory for Economic and Decision Research employs a Lab Coordinator, who is responsible for the day-to-day management of the laboratory and the recruitment and management of the participant database, which currently comprises some 1400 subjects drawn from our diverse student population.

It also provides end-to-end customer support to simplify and streamline the mechanics of conducting experiments, this includes soft-time preview sessions, interaction with participants, session fee payments, and session history data transfer.  


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