Our annual Workshop on Behavioral Game Theory offers leading researchers the opportunity to present current experimental research related to the topic of game theory: the study of strategic interaction using methods of game theory, experimental economics and psychology.  

The workshop will last for two days on 15 and 16 July. There will be twenty invited speakers along with three plenary talks (see further information below). We will post a schedule and a link to register closer to the conference date.

The schedule will feature plenty of opportunities to discuss research with the goal of generating new projects.


We are pleased to announce this years speakers:

Daniel Friedman

UC Santa Cruz

Yaroslav Rosokha

Purdue University

Heinrich Nax

University of Zurich

Frank Heinemann

TU Berlin

Friederike Mengel

University of Essex

Andis Sofianos

University of Heidelberg

David Gill

Purdue University

Timothy Cason

Purdue University

Alexander Brown

Texas A&M University

Tatiana Kornienko

University of Edinburgh

Xiaomin Li


Emanuel Vespa

University of California, San Diego

Evan Calford

Australian National University

Chiara Aina

University of Zurich

Yuval Heller

Bar-Ilan University

Alistair Wilson

University of Pittsburgh

Andy Brownback

University of Arkansas

Manuel Munoz-Herrera

NYU Abu Dhabi

David J Cooper

Florida State University & University of East Anglia

Filippo Massari

University of East Anglia


Plenary Speakers:

Cristina Bicchieri

University of Pennsylvania

Yan Chen

University of Michigan

Jörgen Weibull

Stockholm School of Economics


We also offer graduate students the opportunity to attend our annual PhD summer school course in behavioral game theory which immediately precedes the workshop. The course is designed to provide a short introduction to experimental research related to behavioral game theory. 


Workshop on Behavioral Game Theory 2020


The 6th Annual Workshop on Behavioral Game Theory was hosted by the School of Economics and the Centre for Behavioral and Experimental Social Science (CBESS) in July 2020. For the first time, the workshop was held online due to COVID-19.

The theme of this year’s workshop was ‘Behavioral Industrial Organisation’. Despite the difficult circumstance due to the ongoing pandemic, the workshop was a great success. We had fifteen speakers from universities around the world, covering a wide variety of topics representing experimental economics, economic theory, and empirical industrial organisation. We also had a productive panel discussion about the relationship between industrial organisation and behavioural economics. Among our keynote speakers, Julie Mortimer (Boston College) and Alistair Wilson (University of Pittsburgh) spoke about pricing and collusion, while Kfir Elias (Tel Aviv University) presented a model of competing narratives. 

Our goal for the workshop is to promote the world class research conducted at UEA in behavioral economics and experimental economics, and this year was intended to additionally highlight our industrial organisation group. It took a lot of improvisation and a great deal of help from our outstanding staff, but we feel that we achieved our goals despite trying circumstances.


Workshop on Behavioral Game Theory 2019


The fifth annual workshop on Behavioral Game Theory was hosted by the School of Economics at the King’s Centre in Norwich.  

The workshop featured talks on the topic of information disclosure and Bayesian persuasion as well as contributions in the wider field of Behavioral Game Theory. Across the two days of the workshop, researchers addressed interesting topics such as disclosure of verifiable information under competition, benign and self-serving information reduction, teams and individuals in repeated prisoner’s dilemma games, information defaults in public good provision, news sharing on social networks, and many others. 


Keynote speakers: 

Alessandro Lizzeri (New York University, Stern School of Business),  

Maria Montero (University of Nottingham) 

Erik Eyster (London School of Economics)  

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Workshop on Behavioral Game Theory 2018


The fourth annual workshop on Behavioral Game Theory was hosted by the School of Economics, on campus at UEA.


Plenary Speakers: 

Jordi Brandts (IAE-CSIC and Barcelona GSE) 

Daniele Nosenzo (University of Nottingham) 

Robert Sugden (University of East Anglia) 

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Workshop On Behavioral Game Theory 2017


The third annual workshop on Behavioral Game Theory was hosted by the School of Economics at The Assembly House, Norwich.  

For 2017 the topic was Psychological Game Theory and the School of Economics proudly hosted the second Workshop on Psychological Game Theory. Leading researchers presented and discussed their latest research at the workshop. Proceedings of the workshop and other submitted papers formed a special issue of the Journal of Economic Behaviour and Organisation co-edited by Martin Dufwenberg and Amrish Patel. 


Plenary Speakers: 

Pierpaolo Battigalli (Bocconi University) 
Self-confirming Equilibrium and Rationalisability in Psychological Games 

Matthew Rabin (Harvard University) 
From Psychological Games to the Economics of Belief-Based Utility 


Other Speakers: 

Gary Charness (University California SB) 

Martin Dufwenberg (University of Arizona) 

Georg Kirchsteiger (ECARES) 

Robert Sugden (University of East Anglia) 

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This workshop was co-funded by the Jan Wallander and Tom Hedelius Foundation. 

Workshop On Behavioral Game Theory 2016


The Second Workshop on Behavioral Game Theory was held in June 2016 at The King’s Centre, Norwich. 


Plenary Speaker: 

Ariel Rubinstein (Tel Aviv University) 


 Other speakers: 

David Cooper (University of East Anglia) 

Miguel Costa Gomes (University of St Andrews) 

Enrique Fatas (University of East Anglia) 

Shaun Hargreaves Heap (King's College London) 

Friedrike Mengel (University of Essex) 

Antonio Morales (University of Malaga) 

Joerg Oechssler (Heidelberg University) 

Roberto Weber  (University of Zurich) 

Eyal Winter (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and University of Leicester) 

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Workshop On Behavioral Game Theory 2015


In June 2015 The School of Economics held its inaugural workshop on Behavioral Game Theory, at the King’s Centre, Norwich. 



Eyal Winter (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and University of Leicester) 

Sotiris Georganas (City University London) 

Shaun Hargreaves Heap (King’s College London) 

Ed Hopkins (University of Edinburgh) 

Nagore Iriberri (University of the Basque Country) 

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