Welcome to the University's Clinical Anatomy Department, where our aim is to provide high quality anatomy education to future and current healthcare professionals; honouring the wishes and desires of individuals who generously bequeath their remains.

Located in the Queen's Building,  the suite comprises a teaching laboratory which can accommodate up to 90 students, a walk-in fridge, large freezer units, a model storage room, an embalming suite and a well-stocked technical preparation area.

Find us here: ///rides.pinch.lodge
Accessible ramp access to left of entrance: ///prep.garage.warm

Resources and teaching facilities include:

  • Eleven bespoke ventilated cadaveric tables
  • Eleven embalmed cadavers for demonstrating or dissecting
  • Up to twelve fresh-frozen cadavers for post graduate courses
  • A vast collection of expertly dissected cadaveric prosections
  • A live and recordable camera feed projected over eight large HD television monitors
  • More than 200 high-quality anatomical models
  • A large collection of anatomy and embryology textbooks and atlases
  • A large selection of digital x-rays displaying pathological and normal anatomy
  • Plastic bones and skeleton models, real bones and half skeleton sets

Our state-of-the-art facilities enable us to teach clinical anatomy to undergraduate and postgraduate students. Our bespoke anatomy laboratory offers students the opportunity to be taught in small or large groups.

We offer embalmed and fresh-frozen cadaveric material, a large sample of prosections and anatomical models, a contemporary audio-visual system, and electronic tablets to support students in their learning.

The facility is licensed by the Human Tissue Authority under the Human Tissue Act (2004), overseen by experienced anatomy staff.