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Brexit is by no means done

WHO: Dr Marina Prentoulis

“Brexit is by no means done. Tomorrow is the beginning of a long, difficult and most probably painful chapter that will decide the future relationship between the UK & the EU."

Met facial recognition cameras reignite scrutiny

WHO: Dr Joe Purshouse

"This announcement comes at a time of considerable uncertainty regarding the legal limits of facial recognition technology."

New online code one step in a long overdue journey

WHO: Dr Simon P Hammond

“The news of the Information Commissioner’s Office’s new code of conduct is a very welcome step in the right direction. Yet this is one step in a long overdue journey."

Tactical voting key to UK election outcome

WHO: Dr Marina Prentoulis

"Tactical voting will be shaped around two premises not necessarily supporting the same outcome: one premise is summarized as ‘Stop Boris’; the other ‘Stop Brexit’."   

Abe becomes Japan's longest-serving prime minister

WHO: Dr Ra Mason

"Shinzo Abe's term as Japan's longest-serving post-war prime minister says more about the divisions in any credible opposition and ruling party wranglings than it does about his wise or benevolent leadership."

British voters deserve more political debates

WHO: Prof Alan Finlayson

“At a time when trust in politics and politicians is low, it is important that the public can hear and see speeches that aren’t just great presentations and performances, but which also give people reasons to agree or disagree with political arguments.”

Anniversary of Greek uprising met with new government heavy handedness

WHO: Dr Marina Prentoulis

“Over 45 years after the Nov 17, 1973 student uprising, the right-wing government of Greece embarks on a new offensive against the student movement.”

Ruling on Extinction Rebellion right to protest more crucial than ever

WHO: Dr Rupert Read

“We are in an emergency. The right to peacefully assemble is therefore more crucial than ever.”

Impeachment comparison to “lynching” a new low

WHO: Dr Michael Frazer

"For a white President who is hardly known for his racial sensitivity to use the metaphor is downright shocking.”

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