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BT Openreach decision puts providers on equal footing

WHO: Dr Sally Broughton Micova

"Openreach should be making decisions that will best serve its wholesale customers, and have incentives for investing in better networks, and BT will be on more equal footing with the other operators in the consumer market."

Savagery and civility in the Thanksgiving feast

WHO: Prof Claire Jowitt

"More than any other image of Thanksgiving, the painter Jean Leon Gerome Ferris’s (1863–1930) depiction from around 1912 captures the modern, idealized view of interaction between English colonists and Native Americans, celebrating a harvest feast in peaceful concord."

Does 'post-truth' do away with lying?

WHO: Prof Peter Womack

"If we are living in a ‘post-truth era’, or practising ‘post-truth politics’, that has to mean that there is no longer any such thing as truth, in which case there can be no longer any such thing as a liar either."

Toblerone ‘shrinkflation’ a sign of short-changing to come

WHO: Ratula Chakraborty

"The new gappy-teeth Toblerone is yet another example of shrinkflation, where shrinking pack contents allows for a backdoor price rise."

Court decision not an outright win for Remain

WHO: Dr Nikos Skoutaris

"It is a strong reminder that the government should respect the constitutional rules during the Brexit process. At the end of the day, Brexit would lead to a fundamental change in the British constitutional order."

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