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Russian foreign policy expert on the Litvinenko case

WHO: Mr Michael Bowker

"Moscow will denounce the report’s findings as further evidence of Britain’s hostility towards Russia."

English national anthem proposal hits flat note

WHO: Dr Michael Skey

“The proposed consultation to choose a national anthem for England marks an interesting new chapter in the ongoing debates around the relations between Britain’s constituent nations."

US gun control reform is a losing battle

WHO: Dr Emma Long

"President Barack Obama is clearly looking for action on gun control to be part of his presidential legacy and, at this point, some movement appears to be preferable to none at all.”

China landslide was inevitable

WHO: Prof Dave Petley

"The most recent landslide in China was quite literally a disaster waiting to happen. In addition to the rescue operations, the focus is on how this can have happened.”

Thanksgiving but not as we know it

WHO: Professor Malcolm Gaskill, UEA School of History

Hold onto your pumpkin pie, folks, because everything you ever believed about Thanksgiving is wrong.

After Paris: Rethinking the usual responses

WHO: Prof Lee Marsden, head of UEA’s School of Politics, Philosophy, Language and Communication Studies

"The usual responses to terrorist attacks in the West are not working and will not work."

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