Terms, Conditions and Regulations Terms, Conditions and Regulations

The University has standard terms and conditions that apply to all students.  

In addition, other regulations apply.  These are:

  • Academic Regulations : these are specific to the award you are following, for example Regulations for Bachelors and Integrated Masters Awards, Common Masters framework etc.

  • General Regulations : these apply to all students and address areas such as discipline, fees and charges, appeals, complaints, library rules, conditions of computer use etc.

  • Admissions Policy : providing detailed information on the policy and procedures we follow when considering applications for a taught course. We endeavour to ensure that our procedures operate efficiently and effectively but there is also information available should you need to appeal or complain.

  • Refund and compensation policy

  • Student Protection Plan : This explains the events and siutations that have the potential to prevent a student from finishing their course and how UEA manages this such that the risk to students is low.

  • Access and Participation Plan 


There are also a number of other information sources that support you during your studies such as student handbooks, the Student Charter, programme specifications and module outlines.  You will also be able to obtain information from the Learning and Teaching hubs or the Postgraduate Research service.

Historic terms and conditions are also available.