Enriching year abroad experiences


    In an exciting development for students pursuing American Studies, two new scholarship programmes have been announced to support their Year Abroad education.

    These scholarships aim to provide deserving students with financial assistance and invaluable opportunities for academic and cultural enrichment. One scholarship programme has been generously funded by renowned writer, actor, comedian and philanthropist, Stephen Fry. The other was established by Dame Karen Jones DBE, the immediate past Chancellor of UEA, a hugely successful entrepreneur who has built a number of very successful businesses in the hospitality industry, including co-founding Café Rouge and The Pelican Group.

    Karen Jones and Stephen Fry

    The Stephen Fry Travel Awards

    Future applicants to the four-year American Studies with a Year Abroad courses at UEA will be able to apply for a travel award to help with the cost of their year in America as part of their studies. These travel awards, funded by Mr. Fry, aim to make the Year Abroad more accessible to those who might otherwise struggle to fund this element of the course. With Stephen’s passion for education and cultural exploration, this scholarship offers a unique opportunity for students to engage with diverse perspectives, immerse themselves in different cultures, and broaden their understanding of American society.

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    The Karen Jones Scholarship

    Dame Karen who studied English and American Literature at UEA from (1975-1979) and benefitted greatly from her year at Wellesley College, Massachusetts at that time, recognizes the transformative power of international experiences and is committed to helping students develop a global perspective. This scholarship will provide one bursary every year for the next five years to an undergraduate student who demonstrates exceptional academic potential, but who might otherwise struggle to finance a year abroad education. 

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    Impact and Benefits 

    The announcement of these scholarships brings immense hope and possibilities for future American Studies students at UEA. By alleviating financial barriers, deserving students can fully immerse themselves in their Year Abroad studies, engage in cross-cultural exchanges, and gain valuable insights that will shape their academic and professional trajectories. These scholarships also emphasize the significance of international education in cultivating global citizens equipped to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.

    Cultivating growth 

    The introduction of the Stephen Fry and Karen Jones scholarships for American Studies students marks a significant milestone in fostering enriching Year Abroad education. Through these scholarships, deserving students are granted invaluable opportunities to expand their horizons, develop cultural competence, and contribute meaningfully to their field of study. The welcome contributions of both Stephen Fry and Dame Karen Jones underscore the importance of investing in the future generation of scholars, enabling them to embark on transformative journeys that will shape their academic and personal growth for years to come.

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