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The next generation needs opportunities.

It’s harder than ever for many students to overcome the barriers standing between them and a university education. And, sadly, that means some of the best and brightest young people simply don’t get the opportunity to fulfil their enormous potential. 

With undergraduate courses alone costing an average £60,000 over 3 years, including tuition fees, books and living expenses, the financial burden of a degree is daunting. 

For our university, these barriers can mean missing out on attracting tremendously talented individuals – the sort of people who have made UEA what it is today. Whilst for the employment marketplace it means a less diverse, less representative pool of graduates in years to come. 

Please help open our doors to less advantaged students

Your support can help fund UEA’s range of undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships. 

With your help, undergraduate students can gain the confidence to embark on a degree – regardless of their family income or background. They’ll get the support they need to overcome the financial commitment required to achieve their potential. 

If you choose to support postgraduate scholars, meanwhile, you will be helping to make sure the very brightest minds take their place at UEA. 

Scholarships inspire students to face challenges they wouldn’t think possible and experience exciting new opportunities they might never have otherwise had the chance to.

If you are a prospective student looking for scholarships, please head to our A-Z Scholarships Finder.

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How you can help 

Please will you make a gift to help support our vital Difference Scholarships? With your support, we can reach more students and change more lives. 

If you’d like to find out more or fund a new scholarship, contact the Development Office at giving@uea.ac.uk

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