A detailed document giving information regarding the content of your course. Please note that transcript orders can take up to 30 working days (6 weeks) to be processed and issued and charges, which are payable in advance, may apply.


Current UEA students who are applying for postgraduate taught courses at UEA are not required to provide a UEA transcript as part of their application as the UEA Admissions Office are able to access information relating to their current course.

UEA Graduates who are applying for postgraduate taught courses at UEA may not be required to provide a UEA transcript as part of their application. Please check with the UEA Admissions Office before completing a Transcript Order form.


Current students are advised to check with their Teaching or Research Office as to the availability of a transcript before completing and paying for their order.

If you undertook your course at a UEA Partner Institution, please see our UEA Partner Institutions page.

An Academic Transcript gives details of a student's academic studies at UEA and are available in PDF and hard copy format.


Depending on the years and course studied the format of UEA Transcripts vary. All Transcripts contain information on the course and units studied, and degree awarded, but the style varies depending on the course studied and the year of graduation.  For students in the following categories, transcripts are not presented in the EU Diploma Supplement style:

  • All research students

Academic Transcripts are signed and have the University's stamp. The Academic Transcript / Diploma Supplement is printed on watermarked paper.

Students who fall into the category below can be issued with a letter to confirm they have attended UEA and confirm we no longer hold transcript information for this era.

  • Undergraduate students commencing their studies in or prior to 1992/93
  • Taught postgraduate students commencing their studies in or prior to 2000/01

Transcripts include the following information:

1) Personal information:

  • Full name (as held on UEA records)
  • Date of birth
  • UEA Registration number

2) Academic information:

  • Information regarding the level and length of the course taken at UEA
  • Information regarding the qualification obtained from UEA (if applicable), including the Class and Division of an undergraduate degree, or a Pass, Merit or Distinction for a Masters degree
  • Information on the units taken and the credit value of these units together with the marks obtained.
  • For postgraduate research students the transcript will show the title of their thesis.

All students graduating, or leaving UEA for other reasons, in or after the Academic Year 2005/6 can receive a single free copy of their Academic transcript and a small charge will be payable for additional copies. All students graduating, or leaving UEA, prior to this date will be charged a fee when requesting a transcript.

Please note that transcript orders can take up to 30 working days (6 weeks) to be processed and issued.


There are two ways of requesting a Transcript:

  • By Email. Please click the following link to download the order form. Complete and email it to the Student Records Office. However, please be aware that if there is a fee to be paid you will need to arrange payment separately as we do not accept payment details by email. Please do not make payment until we have confirmed the amount to pay.  Please see Payment Instructions for further details of payment options available.


  • By Post.  Download the Documents Order Form and complete it before sending it to the Student Records Office, Finance, Planning and Governance, University of East Anglia, Norwich Research Park, Norwich, NR4 7TJ. You will be advised by email of the amount to pay and the payment options available.

Documents Order Form


Please note that it is the University's policy only to issue Transcripts on personal request from individuals who studied at UEA and they will not be issued directly to third parties without consent.

Please see the Document Costs and Delivery Charges page for full details regarding prices.

Some universities and colleges (particularly those in the USA), require applicants to provide a copy of their UEA Transcript in a signed and sealed envelope as part of their application process. The Transcript is placed in an envelope, which is then sealed and signed across the seal (back flap of the envelope) by a University official.  It is then placed inside an outer postal envelope.  A Transcript presented in this way ensures that the receiving institution is satisfied that the document has not been altered in any way since being issued by UEA.

Sometimes the university or college will provide a specific envelope for this purpose and if this is the case please ensure that any envelope(s) provided are enclosed with your request for your UEA documents.  Where a signed and sealed envelope is required but has not been provided, UEA will provide an envelope into which the Transcript  will be placed and the envelope will then be signed and sealed by UEA.

Please ensure that where signed and sealed envelope(s) are required, you specifically mention this in your request for UEA documents.