Latest undergraduate prospectus Latest undergraduate prospectus

UEA leads the way in a diverse range of fields; everything from climate change to creative writing and international development to food science. What could your UEA experience be about? Download our latest undergraduate prospectus to explore your future with us. 

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Your university course

Inside, you’ll find out more about the breakthrough discoveries, surprising research and innovative thinking that takes place every day at UEA. It's certainly an exciting place to be.

Our undergraduate prospectus provides a complete run-through of all the programmes you can complete at UEA, from American Studies to Mathematics, Psychology to Physiotherapy; the right course for you awaits.

Student life at UEA

Of course, you’ll want to know what student life is like in Norwich too. UEA has more than 200 clubs to join, an incredible Sports park facility, and even its own live music venue – all situated within 200 hectares of natural parkland. You can read more about the exceptional quality of uni life that our students enjoy in our prospectus, and begin to picture the unique experiences you’ll create during your time here,

Your new home

If you’ve decided to move away from home for the duration of your studies, you’ll also want to know more about our student accommodation. For the first year, you have a range of options to choose from. Our accommodation is fully furnished, affordable and designed from the ground up to help you make the most of your time at UEA. No matter what you decide, everything you could need or want is just a short walk away. 

Living in Norwich

As for Norwich, expect a unique city framed by idyllic countryside landscapes and coastal stretches, both perfect for mind-clearing walks. With plenty of restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs, the nightlife is always vibrant, and the range of shops on offer make Norwich the undeniable retail capital of the East. Find out more about this wonderful city in our dedicated guide to Norwich.

All your undergraduate questions answered

Unsure of how to prepare for a degree? Curious as to what life might have in store after graduation? Need some advice on financing your studies? Find all the answers here, in our prospectus.

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