Frequently asked questions about university fees and funding Frequently asked questions about university fees and funding

How do I apply for a tuition fee loan?

You can apply for a Tuition Fee Loan online through Student Finance England {link}. You can also apply for a living cost loan on the same form; you simply tick the boxes for the support you wish to apply for.

What are the application deadlines regarding government support for students?

The deadline for new students is the end of May. If you are a continuing student, your application needs to be submitted by the end of June. Student Finance England will process applications after these dates but cannot guarantee you will have your money at the start of the course.

I don't know which university I want to go to, should I wait until I decide before I apply?

You should start and submit your application to Student Finance England as soon as you can, certainly before the deadline, even if you have not made your mind up about which university you want to attend. You can easily change your course and institution choice online so it is best to get your application off so Student Finance England can start processing.

What is a university bursary?

Bursaries are financial support that is awarded based on household income and social factors - for instance, being a care leaver. You don't need to apply for bursary as they are offered automatically based on the information your university receives from Student Finance  England.

How do I apply for a UEA bursary?

You do not need to apply for UEA bursary support, students are automatically considered based on household income information supplied by Student Finance England.

Can UEA bursaries be combined?

No, you can only receive one UEA Bursary. You can however receive both a UEA Bursary and Scholarship if eligible.

How do I apply for a UEA scholarship?

Some of the subject specific prizes and awards offered during the course may require an application but any eligible students will be contacted directly.

I have A*, A, B at A level, do I qualify for an entry scholarship at the UEA?

Unfortunately we count A* as A for scholarship purposes so in this case you would not be eligible for the entry scholarship.

I am an EU student, how do I qualify for a UEA bursary?

You will qualify for the University bursary if your household income is in one of our eligible income brackets.

In order for your household income to be calculated by SFE, you need to ask them if you can be means assessed as a student from the EU by filling in the form EU16B. You can contact the SFE EU Bursary Team on: (+44) (0)141 243 3570. 10:00-16:00 UK time.

What happens to my loan repayments if I lose my job?

If your salary falls below £21,000 a year your repayments will automatically stop. If you take a career break, go on maternity leave or are unemployed your repayments will be suspended until you are earning over the £21,000 threshold. However, interest on the Loan will continue to be applied even if your repayments are suspended.

How long will it take to repay my loan?

This depends on the size of your Loan to begin with and how much you earn. However, if you have not paid off the Loan after 30 years (starting from the April after you graduate) the balance will be written off. For more information on Loan repayments please visit the Student Loan Company Repayment page.

Will I be charged if I repay my loan early?

Following consultation, the Government has announced there will be no charge on graduates repaying their loans early.

Do you have specific information for EU and International Students?

Yes! We have dedicated pages for EU students and International students detailing the funding options available.

Who do I contact for more information?

You can contact Student Finance England on 0845 300 50 90 between 8am to 8pm (Monday to Friday) and 9am to 5.30pm (Saturday and Sunday). The EU team can be contacted on 0141 243 3570.

If you have any questions about student finance you can also email