Professional development to further yourself Professional development to further yourself

We provide a wide range of short courses for professionals looking to develop their skills and knowledge. Our courses represent a great opportunity if you're looking to further your skills or keep up to date with developments in a particular field of practice or expertise.

Our short courses present a flexible way to study and can meet highly specialised needs for both individuals and organisations, spanning across a range of disciplines and subjects. 

The benefits of CPD courses

All industries are constantly growing, evolving and changing, and businesses need their employees to keep up with such developments. When an organisation trains its employees through CPD courses, it can benefit from:

  • Improved retention rates
  • Increased loyalty and commitment from employees
  • Fewer sick days taken
  • An improved reputation
  • Smaller skills gaps
  • Better skills, technologies and processes
  • Increased employee performance

There are a number of ways CPD courses can benefit individuals too, including:

  • Increasing employability and bolstering your CV
  • Challenging yourself and encourage personal growth
  • Learn something new or develop upon existing knowledge

Professional development in the Faculty of Medicine and Health

Our Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences provides a comprehensive range of courses designed to promote and assist health care staff and students with their continuing professional development. We offer a broad variety of courses and modules, with a focus on modern health care practices and approaches. Our pre-registration modules cover a breadth of subjects, including: clinical assessment, care and management of patients, health care law and ethics and pathways of care. Our short courses include relevant and wide-ranging heath care topics, designed to incorporate a range of disciplines, from mental health to musculoskeletal. To find out more, please visit the Faculty's Continuing Professional Development pages.

Other Schools which provide short courses