Environmental Justice

Environmental Justice

A group of International Development Researchers at UEA are working on global environmental justice, linking in with questions of biodiversity conservation, climate change, ecosystem management, forestry, disaster risks and water. The objective is to show that sustainable environmental management requires balancing between the needs, interests, rights and aspirations of a range of people and those of both nature and future generations.

The application of the concept of justice is powerful as it resonates with the needs and duties of everyone in regards to environmental management. It is about ensuring:

  •  Meaningful participation of all concerned parties in decision making processes over environmental management
  •  Recognising and respecting the rights of people
  •  Fairly distributing benefits stemming from environmental management.

In addition to justice being a powerful theoretical concept, it also provides shared meaning and agendas for collaboration with activists and an effective basis for communicating with practitioners and policymakers alike. Justice speaks to a wide audience and serves as a stepping stone for negotiating more socially sustainable forms of environmental management.

Research on justice has the potential to reflect the diverging views and values people have on environmental management, and the different ways in which people are affected by environmental change. To make a practical impact, the Group makes continuous efforts to communicate research results to the public, and to exchange with and to build capacities of activists, policy makers and practitioners.

We believe that together we can make a difference to advance environmental management that increases disadvantaged people’s social recognition, their participation in decision-making and their access to benefits. Justice matters for considering people’s views and values in environmental management.

Find out more at our Global Environmental Justice website


Testimonies of Justice

A series of videos have been produced with activists, researchers and professionals reflecting on justice challenges in their area of work. You can watch these videos on our YouTube Channel (devschooluea) and learn more about the kind of injustices activists’ organisations face, what drives these injustices, what is done to overcome them, what difficulties are faced by activists in their work, what needs to change to achieve justice and what a just future would look like. People interviewed include Nnimmo Bassey, Patrick Bond, Jenny Franco and Larry Lohmann to name just a few.


Just Ecosystem Management Project

Why does justice matter for ecosystem management? This video was produced as part of the Just Ecosystem Management project supported by the Ecosystem Series for Poverty Alleviation Programme (ESPA).