PPL students are provided with employability-related guidance all along their degrees PPL students are provided with employability-related guidance all along their degrees

Career sessions and workshops

All along their degree in PPL, students have the opportunity to attend employability workshops, either within certain modules or in Career Central. These sessions have been created to :

  • Help students discover the range of careers available with a degree in Language and Communication, Philosophy, Politics, International Relations or IR, and inform them about entry routes,
  • Equip students to research a potential employer and present themselves to them in a professional way,
  • Give students the confidence to go out there and organise some work experience / apply for Graduate level jobs,
  • Improve students' approach to applications, including application forms, CVs and covering letters,
  • Improve students' approach to interview preparation and performance,
  • Help students develop a plan of action that will turn dreams and aspirations into reality.

The PPL Portfolio and UEA Award

The PPL Portfolio and UEA Award

Student concentrating

On top of these workshops, students take part in PPL's Portfolio scheme. The Portfolio is a short reflective piece of work which they complete and discuss with their academic advisers once a year.

The scheme aims to make students reflect on where they are on the career decision-making/planning continuum. It is also devised to keep track of what graduate skills and attributes they are developing, as well as to identify how to develop other skills that employers seek. Nowadays, interviews increasingly include competency-based questions requiring in depth answers. Learning to articulate one’s achievements and illustrate them with examples can therefore help students to shine in interviews and applications. The scheme also allows academic advisers to know their advisees better and do them justice in recommendation letters.

Following the adviser/advisee discussion, PPL students are invited to transfer their reflective work onto the UEA Skills Award online platform, in order for it to count towards the university-wide certificate.