Exploring the challenges currently faced by today's leaders Exploring the challenges currently faced by today's leaders

The Council Chamber, Council House, University of East Anglia
Friday 17th January 2014

Photo credit: President of the European Council

Political leaders are confronting challenging times. 

International financial austerity has had dramatic consequences for leaders around the world. Leaders have often had to campaign for (re)election and govern with significant public deficits, stagnant growth and public unrest. The rapid evolution of social media has affected the way in which leaders communicate to citizens, and how citizens communicate to each other about leaders. In many democracies electoral support and membership of the main political parties has been in long-term decline.

What are the consequences of these and other emerging challenges for political leaders and how (successfully) have they navigated through these challenges? In some cases the political capital of leaders has been challenged and drained by these developments. However, some leaders may successfully adapt. Moreover, new challenges also open up new strategic opportunities for other leaders to gain political power. Leaders from outside of the political mainstream have emerged and gained momentum in many political systems. 

It is not just national leaders who have been affected. Political leadership comes in many forms. The financial crisis has had consequences for Prime Minsters and Presidents, but also Chancellors of the Exchequer, Finance Ministers, Mayors and Governors of large cities and leaders of regional or international organisations. 

This workshop will focus on:

• What new challenges have leaders faced and what have their consequences been?
• How have political leaders sought to respond to these challenges, in terms of communication, rhetoric, policy and statecraft strategy?
• How successful have leaders, at different levels of government and governance, been at responding to the emerging challenges?
• What concepts and frameworks best help to theorise the changes that leaders are facing and the ways in which they are responding?

You can download the provisional programme here.

For further information, please see: http://politicalleadership.org/events/uea-2014/


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